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Rolling Stone makes an AWESOME pick for their WWE Wrestler of the Year

There are only eleven more days in 2017 after this one, so that means its time for “Best of” and “___ of the Year” lists to start hitting the web.

Actually, that’s been happening since the beginning of December (at least). We’ve done a few of our own here at Cageside Seats. But we’re here now to discuss one specific award - Rolling Stone’s WWE Wrestler of the Year.

It’s become more and more common place for “mainstream” media entities to cover WWE and pro wrestling in general over the past couple of years, but Rolling Stone was one of the first I can recall who realized that wrestling fans really, really like wrestling and will click on a lot of links to get news and opinion about the business/artform.

Writers like Kenny Herzog are still working the wrestling beat for the venerable music and pop culture magazine/website. We chatted with Herzog about his 2016 “Top Ten” list, which was a little more controversial than his pick for WWE Wrestler of the Year in 2017. Not that there won’t be some complaints, but when the winner’s hand goes up, their mouths should go shut...

They make a strong case for The A-Lister. After a long run in the Royal Rumble, Miz - along with wife Maryse - turned a mixed tag WrestleMania feud where there was little doubt about the outcome into “Must See” stuff. He moved over to Raw and gave us the most entertaining take we’ve had on a “crazy” feud with Dean Ambrose in some time, took undercarders Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel and turned them into his Miztourage and climbed the ranks of all-time great Intercontinental champions - while consistently delivering good matches and saving every talking segment he was given (even The Ball Family debacle).

Plus, he’s truly everywhere for WWE. From Total Divas to MTV to whatever version of The Marine franchise is next slated for the DVD section of a Wal-Mart and Target near you.

There are arguments to be made for others. AJ Styles, and especially Roman Reigns come to mind. But even if you prefer one of those choices, or someone else, it’s hard to argue that Miz has proven how very good at the job of pro wrestler/sports entertainer he is over the last couple years. Giving him the nod here feels deserved.

For that reason, I salute Herzog and Rolling Stone on their AWESOME selection.

Let us know what you think, and check out the rest of their superlatives (most of which I’m okay with) here.

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