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Tyler Breeze refutes fan saying he’s being ‘wasted’ by WWE on SmackDown Live

Tyler Breeze was interacting with his fans on Twitter today when a fan of his expressed frustration that WWE is “wasting” him and how he should be in the main event wrestling for championships. Prince Pretty’s response:

Fandom too often deals in extremes, and that applies to any fandom. In pro wrestling it rears its ugly head like this, with fans tweeting a performing that his company is “wasting” him when the reality is anything but. Plus, like Breeze himself said, just as soon as he hit the main event, there would be loud calls that AJ Styles was being “wasted” or something or other.

You can’t please everyone, sure, but let’s not be silly. Fashion Files is a fun show and beyond that, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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