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Hulk Hogan’s comeback plans now include bribing The Rock for a WrestleMania X8 rematch

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Earlier this week, my man Tommy Messano shared the great story Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told on a press junket for his upcoming Jumanji reboot about catching a headband Hulk Hogan threw from a Madison Square Garden ring back in the 80s, and how that led to a locker room meeting for 12 year old Dwayne and a signed version of the headband from The Hulkster.

The video of Rocky telling the tale has gone viral (as we say in the business) and Johnson’s friends at Muscle & Fitness magazine found the clip of Hogan’s headband toss:

DJ confirms that’s the right one:

And after being tagged probably like a million times in these tweets and re-tweets, Hogan responded. Ever the worker, Hulk sees an angle in Rock’s childhood memory. The headband could not only be the disgraced Hall of Famer’s entry back into WWE, but HH wants a rematch of one of his most electrifying encounters - his showdown with The Great One back in 2002 at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto!

While either man getting back in a WWE ring is probably a long shot, it is worth wondering if positive fan response to a nostalgic anecdote from one of the biggest stars in the world might not pave the way for Hogan’s return.

Raw’s 25th Anniversary is right around the corner...