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Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon get in heated debate to start SmackDown


The wounds are still fresh from Clash of Champions. Tonight (Dec. 19) to open up SmackDown, GM Daniel Bryan wanted to move on from Sunday’s WWE Network special. While Shane McMahon wanted to talk about every detail of what wrong on Sunday.

The tension was thick. SmackDown’s pair of dads were arguing and the kids, WWE Universe, were trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Both Bryan and McMahon didn’t pull any punches.

McMahon questioned Bryan’s loyalty.

Byran questioned McMahon’s overall vision for the Blue Brand.

Then Daniel Bryan dropped this verbal bombshell.

In any relationship, during any disagreement, if you pull the “you’re turning into your parents” card it’s game over. There is no comeback for that diss.

“Hey bro, I can see you turning into a megalomaniac, power hungry, old man who will do anything to stay on top” is what Bryan basically said.

McMahon then wished Bryan good luck and left the ring after that line.

Rocky times ahead on SmackDown, rocky times.

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