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AJ Lee’s ‘Crazy is My Superpower’ is being developed as a TV series

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Well, this is pretty cool. AJ Mendez (fka WWE Divas champ AJ Lee) revealed that her best-selling memoir, Crazy is my Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules, is going to be developed as a television show by the production company responsible for NatGeo’s Genius - the Emmy nominated limited series about Albert Einstein.

If the show makes it to air (and there’s a long way to go from development deal to broadcast), AJ’s story of learning to live with her own and her mother’s mental illness while reaching and succeeding in WWE - and beyond - could end up being not only another wrestling-related project for our viewing pleasure, but a compelling young adult/coming of age tale. Wonder Years meets GLOW, if you will.

The best thing is that with AJ on board as a writer and producer, she’ll have a say in whatever it turns out to be.

Check out the full press release here. We’ll keep you updated on the show’s progress from announcement to (hopefully) a screen near you.