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Big indie stars reportedly headed to WWE soon

Ricochet on Twitter

Neither of these names are particularly shocking, as both have been features in dirt sheet reports and our own Rumor Roundup for a while, but there are signs both are getting closer to actually happening.

On Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), Dave Meltzer says that fans were correctly reading the signs from Ring of Honor (ROH) and New Japan tag team War Machine, and Hanson and Raymond Rowe are in the process of signing with WWE. The big man duo waved to the crowd after their match at ROH’s television tapings this past Saturday (Dec. 16) indicating it was their last appearance for the promotion, and they’re finishing up with New Japan at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and New Year’s Dash on Jan. 4 - 5, 2018.

PWInsider also corroborated the War Machine item, and added that former Lucha Underground champ (where he worked as Prince Puma) and New Japan star Ricochet is set to be announced with NXT’s January class, along with Hanson and Rowe. The high flier has been itching to sign with a promotion on U.S. television for a while, and is finally free of the LU contract which prohibited him from doing so. Impact Wrestling allegedly tried to secure his services, but this report backs up previous word he passed on their offer.

The PWInsider story also hints at other prominent independent talents in the next group heading to the Performance Center: “There are other names circulating as well as potentially being signed, including a very prominent female independent talent.“

Speculate away, Cagesiders.

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