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Dolph Ziggler’s first promo as US champion: ‘I am the only one in this business who is actually as good as he says he is’

In a shocking twist, that maybe shouldn’t be looked at as such, Dolph Ziggler won the United States championship at Clash of Champions in Boston. This not long after he gave an interview to Edge & Christian expressing his discontent with how he’s been booked for some time now.

Well, here’s how he handled his first interview as U.S. champ:

"Saying ‘all bad things must end’ is something I've been saying for about two years now. Sometimes it plays to my attitude and a lot of times it plays to whatever I'm experiencing at work, at home. Most importantly, it's Motley Crue lyrics, so that's stuff I'm listening to when I'm hitting the gym, working out with wrestling workout partners back at school. Those lyrics are sometimes fun and sometimes they mean a lot. For the most part, it keeps me to drive and keep going and that's the reason I'm in the gym... I would say seven times a week but it's more like eight or nine because I'll do two-a-days knowing that if I give and I give and I give this business and this company everything I have I need to be able to back it up.

“I talk a big ass game backstage, I tell everyone to follow that, and if I don't back it up in the ring then I don't deserve to be here. Every night I put everything out there on the line so I have to do everything I can in my free time. Get a game plan, hit the gym, watch tape, be better than everyone else at all costs. I did everything I possibly could for the last 12 years to tell everyone how good I am and tonight, for who knows, maybe the 500th time, I proved it. If anyone wants to come take this from me, that's fine, I'm going to beat the living hell out of you and do everything I can that much more. I am the only one in this business who is actually as good as he says he is -- I am that damn good."

Is this the start of a Ziggler who the brass respect and will push? Or just management placating him with a mid-card title run? Perhaps the start of something more?

Stay tuned.

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