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WWE Clash of Champions 2017 results: Chad Gable ruins Rusev Day, but The Usos keep tag division on lock

The SmackDown tag title Fatal 4Way was, as The New Day would say, lit, before the bell even rang.

We had a beautiful rendition of “The 12 Days of Rusev” by Aiden English, a box of pancakes and a “Lockdown” promo from the champs, The Usos.

And when the match started, the energy levels were turned up even further, with everyone brawling in the ring and a bodies flying everywhere.

Kofi Kingston and Big E got an early upper hand, but with four men (one from each team) in the ring at all times, momentum shifted constantly. The one thing that didn’t change was how popular Rusev Day was with the Boston crowd, and when that duo and Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin took control, they made sure The Handsome One knew it.

No alliances lasted for long, and no covers made it past two, as there was always someone in the ring who didn’t want anyone else to win.

That was the case with frenemies The Usos and New Day, as Jimmy and E took time to clear out the ring, but eventually came to blows. That created an opening for Gable and Benjamin, with Shelton keeping the ring clean while Chad had a cloverleaf locked in on one of the champs. English pulled the veteran out, however, and Rusev and Boston were almost ELATED several times in the next few minutes as New Day barely avoided a series of finishes.

E almost tapped to an Accolade, but Gable made a last second save and the next few minutes were a showcase for the Olympian. The champs recovered in time to run the numbers on him, however, and after a splash, the division remains on lock.

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