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WWE Clash of Champions 2017 results, live streaming match coverage: Styles vs. Mahal

WWE Clash of Champions is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Dec. 17, 2017) from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Clash of Champions below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


AJ Styles def. Jinder Mahal
Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn def. Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura
Bludgeon Brothers def. Breezango
Charlotte Flair def. Natalya
The Usos def New Day, Rusev Day, and Gable & Benjamin
Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode
Mojo Rawley def. Zack Ryder


Heavy the crown, weakened and lost, secret of steel, fear he can't feel. Born from the age, sworn to the blade. Sit upon the mountain top, judging all that's mortal, but me, I'm just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The Clash of Champions Kickoff (CoCK, if you will) begins with Renee Young welcoming us to the show and introducing her panel, current comprised of Sam Roberts and David Otunga. They run the card down and remind people to sign up for the WWE Network before moving on to discussing the tag team main event with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan both serving as guest referees.

They toss backstage to Kayla Braxton in the social media lounge, where the New Day will be joining her for a Q&A later in the pre-show. This leads into a video package for the WWE Championship match between AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal and then AJ is interviewed backstage. He says the only thing the Singh Brothers proved last week is that they're terrible liars who'd never turn their backs on Jinder.

And turning his back on Jinder was his mistake. Tonight he has to be ready for anything and everything, including Great Khali popping out of the announce desk like a 7'4" jack-in-the-box. He has to be better than good, better than great, he has to be phenomenal. We then go back to the panel for discussion of the match before moving on to video package and discussion for the United States Championship match.

The next match on the docket is Bludgeon Brothers vs. Breezango and after the panel's done with that we go backstage for an interview with Naomi. She says she and Charlotte are used to being surrounded by haters, and Tamina and Lana have been pains in her voluptuous behind since April. And then you got the Riott Squad who put her on the shelf, but SmackDown isn't for the taking, and she's gonna make sure it stays that way.

If they get in her business again, she promises that they'll feel the glow in the worst way possible. Carmella, Tamina, and Lana roll up and run the interviewer off. Carmella welcomes Naomi back and Lana says they haven't always seen eye-to-eye but they have a common enemy tonight. Tamina says if she doesn't cross them they'll have no problem.

The Riott Squad rolls up and Ruby threatens to welcome Naomi to a broken jaw as chaos erupts, but referees get between the two groups of women before it can evolve into a full-on brawl. This feeds into a video package for the SmackDown Women's Championship match, and Charlotte Flair herself joins the panel for their discussion of the match. Soon enough Natalya rolls up in her cat ears to talk about how great it is to see everyone and her title.

She hopes Flair gave the title one good last hug because it's the last time she went through TSA pre-check with her title and tonight baby is coming home with mama. Charlotte, for her part, loves Nattie's confidence. We now join New Day in the social media lounge for their Q&A. The first question is if they'll sell booty powder / pancake mix, and they'd like to because New Day like to give you what you need.

Second question is if becoming five time tag-team champions would be the best Christmas gift, and Big E is very excited at this question and talks about his debut five years ago at the Slammies. Third question is about their game plan but Xavier Woods says they won't answer that because it'd give their strategy away. And furthermore, we'll never see New Day's crack.

The panel then discusses the tag title four-way before throwing to a video package for Mojo Rawley vs. Zack Ryder, which will be happening momentarily.

Mojo Rawley vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder in hot with a dropkick that sets up mounted punches, Mojo shoves him away but he manages a Cactus Clothesline to take the action to the floor! Laying elbows in, Rawley rams him into the apron and takes charge, hurling him back into the ring, but Zack is right back on him with a dropkick! Back in, sidestep, throw the kick, Mojo with a thrust spinebuster!

Right hand, headbutt whip across for the body avalanche, cover gets two and he goes to a reverse chinlock to follow it up. Ryder fights to his feet, Rawley drops him with a right and throws him into the corner but Zack has the knees up on a charge. So of course, Mojo just clobbers him and knocks him clean to the floor! He heads around to pounce his former brother in hype and jaw at him as we take a quick break for a house ad.

Back from our brief break, Mojo has gone back to the reverse chinlock and is in firm control. Zack fights to his feet and breaks with a jawbreaker but gets run over by a wicked boot from Rawley! Jawing at him, piefacing him, Mojo looking to get his proverbial pound of flesh and Ryder throws elbows to give it him! Mojo with the goozle, Zack breaks it and throws a slap!

Duck a lariat, leaping lart of his own, corner forearms into the Broski Boot, a second a bit further along the ropes... NOPE! Choking him against the ropes, referee Dan Engler forces him to back off and Mojo chop blocks him to hell! Ryder in the corner...

Mojo Rawley wins by pinfall with the charging forearm in the corner.

The pre-show panel then discusses the match we just saw before running the card down once again. This leads to video package and discussion for our main event tag team match.

The participants in our United States Championship match are shown walking backstage to close out the pre-show.

The main show kicks off with a video talking about how the road to championship glory never ends as more and more obstacles keep popping up and of course creating context for the matches we're going to see in light of this theme.

Baron Corbin (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler (WWE United States Championship)

Three-way standoff, Ziggler and Roode form a temporary alliance to put boots to Corbin, following outside after him and beating on him some more, clotheslining him over the barricade! Bobby turns on Dolph first, right hand, rolling him inside, catching the superkick, Glorious DDT countered with a back body drop and a pin, no good, off the ropes, Manhattan Drop to a Russian legsweep, only two for Bobby Roo!

Dumping Roode outside, Corbin runs him over with a lariat, right hand cuts Dolph off in the ropes. Back in with Roode, putting him into the turnbuckle and striking him in the middle of the ring after, a hammer whip puts the Glorious One into the buckles back first hard. Shoulder thrusts to the kidneys, another right hand, and Baron rolls outside to put Ziggler into the barricade for good measure.

Back in, headed for Bobby but he's recovered enough to rally, kick to the guts, chops and punches, off the ropes but he runs into the side slam... Dolph makes the save! Shotei from Corbin puts Ziggler in the corner, he puts boots to him. Over to Roode, outside and back in, Ziggler wiped out and they trade blows. Bobby lays him out with a lariat, corner clariat, whip reversed, boot up, to the second and he hits the blockbuster for two.

Lone Wolf rolls outside, Dolph looking for the Zig Zag but Roode blocks, boots up in the corner, leap over, Fameasser connects... Corbin breaks it up! He rips his t-shirt off and hits charging body avalanches on both guys but they fight back and a dropkick puts him out of commission. Roode hits a Rock Bottom on Ziggler, Baron recovers, Deep Six on Bobby... NOT ENOUGH!

Champ setting Roode up top and climbing after him, the Glorious One knocks him down with rights but Dolph runs over to join him! Right hands, Baron stands up under them... TOWER OF DOOM! A cover comes up empty but the Lone Wolf is still on the only man standing. He draws Dolph up, thinking about the Chokebreaker but he slips out and passes him shoulder-first into the post!

Lying in wait as Roode rises, Ziggler tunes up the band but Bobby sidesteps and hits the spinning spinebuster! He's feeling Glorious... Dolph ducks the DDT and hits one of his own! NOPE! Corbin back in, he dumps Ziggler to the apron but Roode low bridges him outside, Bobby turns around, catches the superkick, catapult into the corner, Glorious DDT, Baron trying to pick the bones, Roode throws him outside, makes the cover... CORBIN YANKS HIM OUT OF THE RING!

CHOKEBREAKER ON THE FLOOR! Back in, up for End of Days, but Dolph comes from behind...

Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall with a Zig Zag on Baron Corbin, winning the WWE United States Championship.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is asking for a ref shirt that fits when Shane McMahon rolls up to say maybe he shouldn't bother. He asks what's going on, Zayn and Owens were supposed to be taken out and he wants to know what's going on in Bryan's head. Dan says he's trying to protect the integrity of SmackDown and keep Shane's hot head from doing anything too untoward.

Shane admits he has a grudge and is a bit hotheaded and asks about the format. Bryan says they'll both be in the ring and wants to talk about it in private. Shane says he'll go sort Bryan's shirt out and then they'll talk.

Backstage, Baron Corbin runs into an interview and he yells that he didn't squander anything, Dolph stole and he'll pay for it when he takes his title back.

Rusev Day make their entrance and Aiden English finishes his song with twelve months of Rusev, eleven Russian medals, ten Lanas leaping, nine second winning, eight Aiden songs, seven boards a-breaking, six Machka Kicks, five Plovdiv keys, four of the lads, three unhindered Jindered, two Rusev shirts, and a tag team title victory. The crowd is fired up for them and Aiden asks if they want an encore, and goes to give them a thirteenth day, but he is interrupted by Gable and Benjamin's entrance.

The Usos also cut a promo on their entrance as well, saying English is so worried about singing but this isn't America's Got Talent. They got their own remix, though, in which all of the days are "lockdown".

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs. New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) vs. Rusev Day (Aiden English & Rusev) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Gable, English, Kofi, and Jey to start, Gable with a schoolboy, quick pins and the match breaks down already! Kofi with a big assisted dive, Jey Uso follows with one of his own, Shelton belly-to-belly superplexes Jimmy... Big E breaks it up! Unicorn Stampede on Benjamin, then they got a bunch of guys down in corners and chaining dropkicks on them but Rusev stops the whole deal short!

Quick covers, no dice, Gable tags in, double team gets a nearfall on Kingston, top wristlock follows while English works Uso over, Shelton tags in, straight suplex, Rusev tags in, overhead elbows, Gable with another quick tag as our two sort of parallel matches continue side by side here, heels firmly in charge on both sides. Kofi desperate for the tag but Shelton pulls E down, Koppo kick nearly steals it but Aiden breaks it up!

He and Chad get into a shoving match, they fend Jimmy Uso off and Kingston comes in with the Trevor Lee double stomp! Tags made, E and Jey clear house, slap and a belly-to-belly suplex on Gable, my Network goes out for a minute and when it comes back Rusev has Gable in the Accolade! Big comes from behind and scoops him up but Aiden knocks Kofi off and stops Midnight Hour short!

Schoolboy comes up empty, Machka Kick... NOT ENOUGH! Calling for it, stomp to the back, and the Accolade is on the big pancake man! E posting and trying to move but Rusev wrenches back.. CHAD GABLE FROM BEHIND WITH THE GERMAN SUPLEX! CHAOS THEORY ON ENGLISH! AND ONE FOR BIG E AS WELL! Going for one on Jey, but Jimmy gets a blind tag and stops him short with a superkick! Jey gets on as well, Jimmy up top...

The Usos win by pinfall with a diving splash from Jimmy Uso on Chad Gable, retaining the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Natalya (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Lumberjack Match)

Collar and elbow, Flair gets a waistlock, Natalya breaks with a back elbow and comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Off the ropes again she runs into a back elbow and Charlotte boots her outside where Naomi puts boots to her and throws her back in. Flair goes behind, Nattie with a kick and a slap, she dumps the Queen outside to Lana, Tamina, and Charlotte and they beat on her and throw her back inside.

Right hand from Neidhart but Flair returns a kick to the face and a chop, swinging neckbreaker, chest kick, only two. Nattie throws her face first into the turnbuckle and clotheslines her against the ropes before putting boots to her and kicking her to the floor where the Riott Squad beat the champion down and throw her back inside. Neidhart throws her out again, and again Charlotte gets beat up by the six heels at ringside even as they bicker amongst themselves.

Back inside, trading slaps, Natalya grabs a sleeper hold and breaks with a mat slam and a running stomp / dropkick combo when it looks like Flair might escape. Choking her against the ropes, Nattie slides outside and is gently returned. The Queen laying chops in, STO backbreaker / reverse STO into the turnbuckles combo, a giant step, the champion climbs but Neidhart yanks her to the mat!

Setting up the Sharpshooter, Flair kicks her off, schoolboy pin, big boot, Charlotte thrown outside and a brawl erupts... NAOMI DIVES INTO THE FRAY WITH A CROSSBODY! Back inside, Nattie locks the Sharpshooter on, but Charlotte is able to get outside and chaos again erupts! She rolls inside, Carmella is ready to cash in... but Ruby Riott stops it short with a forearm and the brawl blows through like tumbleweed!

Flair dumps Neidhart to the floor and climbs up top... MOONSAULT INTO THE CRUSH! But Nattie is ready and puts Charlotte into the post! Back inside, looking for the Sharpshooter... FLAIR COUNTERS! The Figure Eight is on...

Charlotte Flair wins by submission with the Figure Eight, retaining the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.

Natalya is interviewed in the ring after the match. She says she did nothing wrong and Charlotte did what she did best-- used her family's name to cut corners. Wiping tears from her eyes, Nattie continues, saying she's given the WWE Universe the best women's matches they've seen and carried the entire division for ten years and all of us have treated her with nothing but disrespect.

WWE wants to turn their back on her, the WWE Universe wants to turn their backs on her, the women turn their backs on her, now she's turning her backs on all of them. She gets to the ramp and cries some more as the crowd begins singing goodbye and the feed moves on to a toy ad.

Backstage, an interview knocks on Jinder Mahal's door and gets the Singh Brothers. They inform her that the Modern-Day Maharaja is in deep meditation mode preparing for his match, but he did hear AJ's foolish words during the pre-show and he laughed a good ol' hearty Punjabi laugh. Styles is mistaken if he thinks he's going to defy the odds after they humiliated him on SmackDown this week, and they have no doubt their man is going to become a two-time WWE Champion tonight.

Jinder is so confident in fact, that he doesn't need their help tonight. They won't, however, commit to not being at ringside.

Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) vs. Breezango (Fandango & Tyler Breeze)

Harper and Breeze to start, Luke laying Tyler out with a right hand and tagging Rowan in. Erick stalks Fandango before heading back to Breeze, but he gets an enzuigiri off and makes the tag! Dango lands a kick as well, Tyler off the apron with a crossbody, caught, Fandango tries to shove Rowan into the post but he blocks! Harper around, he throws Fandango away on a tornado DDT attempt and Erick catches him in the back!

Breaking the count, they head back to the floor... AND PUT BREEZE INTO THE APRON WITH A BACK SUPLEX FACEBUSTER! Back inside, the assisted Brodie Bomb on Dango, tag made...

Bludgeon Brothers win by pinfall with the double crucifix powerbomb.

They get on the mic after and say, trading lines off, the future holds more bludgeoning, more pain, more fear, the end of the beginning, the beginning of the end, Harper, Rowan, Bludgeon Brothers.

Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are hanging out when an interview rolls up. They scoff at Shane thinking Bryan has ulterior motives. They know his motives, they know Bryan is the only reasonable thing about SmackDown and they know last week when the ref was incapacitated, he filled in and counted 1-2-3 for KO and gave him his well-deserved victory.

Whereas McMahon has a history of screwing Owens over, like he did at SummerSlam, and Dan knows that they're A+ talent and all he's doing is making sure that tonight is a fair fight. So he'll tell you right now, the Sami and Kevin Show isn't getting canceled and the Yep! Movement rages on. Asked what happens if they're fired they grow stonefaced and shake their heads in disgust before walking off.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura

Orton and Zayn to start, jawing at each other, collar and elbow, into the corner, Sami turns it around and McMahon immediately demands a break and he obliges clean. Back to the lockup, Randy gets a side headlock out of it, into a cover, both refs down and counting but they're out of synch and Orton goes back to the headlock anyway. Zayn gets him in the corner, punches, again Shane backs him off and he obliges but the Viper comes out hot.

To the other corner, arm wringer, tag to Nakamura, body blow, arm wringer, Sami gets him in the ropes and is warned off, grabbing a headlock in the middle of the ring. Shifting to a wristlock, Shinsuke with a fancy reversal into an armbar but Sami gets the ropes and Bryan is the one to count the break this time. Owens tags in, hammering body blows in the corner and Shane rushes in to back him off.

Dan reminds him he has until five and KO gets back into it with the King of Strong Style, trading blows in the corner. Nakamura with a snapmare into a knee drop, a cover and again they go down simultaneously and confusion reigns. Tag to Orton, beating on Kev in the corner until Bryan warns him, whip reversed, lariat, nearfall... and now Shane draws a line down the middle of the ring, which of course always works on sitcoms.

KO clobbers the Viper with a superkick, McMahon counts... NOPE! Putting boots to Orton, tag to Zayn, Bryan backs Sami off and tries to maintain order and keep them from taking too many cheap shots on Randy. Into one of Shane's corners, Zayn with chops, yelling at Randy about taking his job, Orton hammers him back and Owens tags in. Front chancery, clubbing blow, right hand, putting boots to him.

Tag to Sami, one-arm camel clutch, Orton gets to his feet and he shifts, thinking about a suplex only for the Viper to suplex him into the ropes! Tag to KO, he knocks Shinsuke down, running senton, Shane counts the nearfall. Randy fighting back with rights, Kev clobbering him with elbows and Zayn makes the tag, choking him over the ropes and getting both refs on him in short order.

Zayn with a reverse chinlock, Orton counters into a back suplex, tags made on both sides! Nakamura ducks a lariat, lands a jump kick, follows it up with chest kicks, KO catches one but takes another and the wicked falling knees to the ribs follow. A forearm takes Zayn off the apron, charging knee in the corner, more knees, Good Vibrations and he sets up the rope-hung corner knee and hits it... NOPE!

Owens ducks a roundhouse but gets caught with the left for a nearfall, inverted exploder suplex blocked, Shinsuke up top, Owens tries to pull him off... flying triangle choke! KO counters to a pin and Bryan counts it to a nearfall but Shane doesn't like it! Superkick from KO, McMahon slides down to count it... again just a nearfall! Zayn tags in, Sami boots Orton off the apron, Helluva Kick blocked with a boot but the Blue Thunder Driver aims true... only a nearfall!

KO tags back in, off the ropes, drop toehold into the senton but Orton breaks it up and clubs Owens. Sami attacks Orton and Bryan and Shane try to restore order. Sami gets in McMahon's face but backs off, Owens with another senton only for Nakamura to have the knees up! Tags made all around again, the Viper clearing house with lariats but coming up empty on the powerslam.

He hits his rare exploder suplex, Zayn counters the DDT with a Stunner over the ropes and climbs up top only for Orton to recover and crotch him! Bryan informs him that's not legal and the Viper climbs up after him to hit that beautiful superplex of his. Owens pulls him out of the ring and throws him into the steps before he can capitalize!

Nakamura attacks Kev on the floor, beating him against the barricade as Sami makes the save! Dan and Shane head outside to make sense of it all and demand they all get back in the ring. Owens and Zayn have Shinsuke isolated and dismantle the announce table over the referees' protestations... FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!

Back in the ring, Orton hits the powerslam this time, follows it up with the rope-hung DDT despite Zayn's best efforts to counter it, he goes to that special place, he hits the RKO, McMahon starts counting... OWENS KNOCKS BRYAN INTO SHANE! McMahon loses his mind yelling at Dan about how that was three and the Viper stares at his old rival with evil intentions only to feel Owens' hands on his shoulders... RKO for Owens!

Small package, reversed, reversed again, stalemate! Sami with a schoolboy, McMahon counts one, two... HE STOPS COUNTING! Bryan gets in his face and shoves him! They go face to face, McMahon decides he's done and goes to leave, Randy tries for an RKO, Sami reverses, Bryan counts fast...

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn win by pinfall with a schooboy pin from Zayn on Randy Orton.

Sami and Kevin celebrate up the ramp as Bryan and Shane stare at each other. Sami vows to keep fighting Shane week after week and Kev does Yes! fingers to the back.

A house ad for Mixed Match Challenge plays.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE Championship)

The Singhs are in fact at ringside, feeding their man advice at the bell. Collar and elbow, Mahal shoves Styles away but AJ gets right back into it. Again Jinder backs him into the corner, and they break clean. Styles with a waistlock this time, Mahal breaks hard with a back elbow that sends the Phenomenal One spiraling! The Modern-Day Maharaja flexes a bit before offering a test of strength.

It was a ploy but AJ catches a boot and targets the leg, sending Mahal hobbling to the floor! Following after, slamming his leg into the barricade, throwing him back inside, single leg into hamstring kicks and a seated kneebar, just wrenching back and forcing Jinder to reach for the ropes! Break achieved, a double thrust to the throat gives Mahal a second but Styles ducks a pair of strikes only to get caught and hoisted up, slammed chest-first across the ropes and sent spiralling to the floor!

Jinder throws AJ into the barricade and back in to break the count before throwing him into an exposed section of timekeeper's barricade and over into the timekeeper's area! Back inside, Mahal comes from behind with a knee to the back, and another knee sends the champion to the floor. Following after, Jinder hits a Crash Landing onto the annouce table!

Back in, running knee to the ribs, rear chinlock with a knee to the back, breaking momentarily for a crossface strike. Stomp to the midsection, snapmare into a half nelson bodyscissors! He lets go of the nelson in favor of levering his whole body up to wrench AJ around bodily. Elbow to the back, grounded abdominal stretch, continuing to punish the champ's ribs.

Hitting Styles like a freight train, he heads to the second, diving brain chop! Headed to the second again... AJ counters with a dropkick! To the floor, Styles starts to rally, a few strikes, rolling Mahal back in, setting him up with a forearm, he springboards... but Jinder hangs him up on the ropes by the ribs! Fireman's carry, into a double knee gutbuster... NOT ENOUGH!

Setting AJ up top, a right hand hangs him up, a second realigns him and Mahal climbs after but Styles slides under him, electric chair drop! Trading strikes, Styles Rush takes form, sliding forearm follows it up! Corner lariat, AJ looking for Ushigoroshi but he can't get him up under his own power so he sends him off the ropes and uses his momentum... USHIGOROSHI!

Calling for the Styles Clash, Jinder counters ramming him into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Styles gets the boots up and charges in but Mahal just tosses him aside like a sack of flour for a nearfall! Drawing him up, AJ floats over a suplex, bridging northern lights suplex... NOPE! Jinder with a desperate right hand, Styles clobbers him with a buzzsaw kick, off the ropes, Mahal has a boot to answer the sliding forearm!

Samoan drop... only a nearfall! Calling for Khallas, he gets it hooked but AJ fights out, Pele kick! Jinder backs him in the corner again, shoulders, Styles pops up to the second, tornado DDT countered, charging superkick... AJ STYLES WILL NOT LOSE HIS TITLE THAT EASILY! Dragging the champion into the corner, setting up the avalanche Khallas but again Styles breaks out and hits the Pele kick!

Single leg takes him to the mat but AJ collapses and rolls to the apron for his next move. Clutching his ribs... SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH! Looking for the cover... THE SINGH BROTHERS TRY TO YANK JINDER OUT! Plancha for Samir, Styles Clash for Sunil! Snapping Jinder's neck over the top rope, AJ calls for it, but Mahal slides low! Knee to the back of the neck, Khallas connects... NOT TODAY, JINDER!

Jinder draws him up again, mockingly calling for the Styles Clash but AJ rolls through and hooks the leg... THE CALF KILLER IS IN! Mahal has nowhere to go! Crawling, desperate, shaking, Styles rolls him through! It's over!

AJ Styles wins by submission with the Calf Killer, retaining the WWE Championship.

AJ, the grimace of pain on his face, raises the title high as Jinder crawls up the ramp clutching his knee.

That's the show, folks.

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