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Alexa Bliss & Sasha Banks get emotional talking about Abu Dhabi match

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks made history in Abu Dhabi recently by participating in the first ever women’s match there. In a new special episode of “Straight to the Source,” they sat down to talk to Corey Graves about it.


"I remember I tweeted out that I had the same goosebumps that I had for NXT TakeOver that night. To me, those matches always meant something so special to me. I always wanted to prove myself and leave a name for myself and I knew going out there that that was going to be a special moment. I remember right before I went out I just started bawling. I started crying and then I had to run back to the locker room and fix my makeup. It was so bad. It was such a big moment, just realizing we're representing women and we're making a difference. That's what was so important to me, like, we're really making a difference for women in Abu Dhabi where maybe a woman would see us wrestle and maybe be like 'hey, because of those girls maybe I want to be in the WWE one day.' I remember I went through the curtain and I was like 'alright, Sasha, just keep it together. Pull it through, you still have this match to get through.' It was incredible, an incredible feeling."


"I was so nervous because you don't really know what to expect. The first ever women's championship match in Abu Dhabi... we've never been there, we don't know how the crowd is, if they would accept us, if they would cheer for us, or what. But then, like, I still get cold chills thinking about it when they were chanting 'this is hope.' It was awesome because it was that moment. We were just like 'wow.' I remember saying to her 'we're doing it, this is awesome.'"


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