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Mojo Rawley threatens to end Zack Ryder’s ‘excuse of a career’ in killer promo

Look out Miz. We might have a new king of the cell phone promo.

Maybe it’s end of the year burnout, and a pay-per-view on the horizon that largely consists of match-ups we’ve seen before. But I am, if you’ll excuse the pun, hyped for the Clash of Champions Kickoff match between former tag partners Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder.

In large part, that’s because Mojo - a guy I’ve made more than my fair share of jokes about over his time in NXT and on SmackDown - has been on fire throughout the tale of Hype Bros disintegration and eventual split.

This little gem he dropped last night is a prime example:

“You already know where I am. The same place I am every single off-day, the WWE Performance Center. But the question is, where are you, Zack Ryder? Where have you been the past two-and-a-half years? Where have you been recently when we were losing - Every. Single. Match. - and I was begging you to come train with me? Practice in these rings, as a team. Practice in that weight room, as a team. Watch film study on our opponents and study together, as a team. Where the hell were you?

Nah. You were too busy. Going to Disney World. Playing with your toys, building your little toy collection up. You were too busy doing abs and biceps at LA Fitness. Well, LA Fitness ain’t gonna get it done against me! Remember one thing! You called me out! You challenged me!

So you better find a killer instinct, and you better find it fast. Or else on Sunday, it’s gonna be lights out. Not only on your night, but on your whole damn excuse of a career.”

I haven’t been this excited for the pre-show since the last time they stuck New Day/Usos on there!

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