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Lana and Natalya slap each other and we can’t look away

Lana and Natalya are carrying season seven of Total Divas to sweet reality show victory. Episode six of season seven of the WWE’s signature reality show may be the worst or best yet depending on your perspective.

The build is Lana, Natalya and the rest of the cast have traveled to Cabo for a weekend getaway and the two SmackDown wrestlers have been in each other’s hair for the entire trip.

Then Lana slaps Natalya. Natalya slaps Lana back with more force. And to cap it off Natalya throws champagne in Lana’s face.

Just normal Total Divas things.

Both superstars were likely intoxicated during the whole club slap fight but the strange thing is if you didn’t catch the show last night on E! no clip of the incident exists online yet.

No YouTube video. No GIF. No chopped up clip for social media. Odd.

If a wrestler throws a drink of alcohol at another wrestler’s face and it’s not immediately shareable, did it really happen? More philosophical questions like this are sure to come next week on Total Divas.

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