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Jason Jordan and the Roman Reigns Theory

Author’s note: Hey. I’m Pete, the new guy here at Cageside Seats. Some of you KC Chiefs fans may also recognize me from Arrowhead Pride. I have joined cSs as a social and web contributor. Also, as part of being here, Cageside will partner with my podcast, “Fourth Wall Wrestling.” Zach Tarrant, the show’s co-host, is the archive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings and also works as a team photographer. Zach has been credentialed for photography for Wrestlemania XXXI and XXXII and his work has made the cover of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I have a broadcast journalism Master’s degree from Syracuse University and have watched wrestling since I can remember. We’re excited to get started and look forward to talking wrestling with all of you.

Jason Jordan is the worst—or maybe now I should say, was the worst.

The latest edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling Podcast featured a conversation regarding WWE’s favorite illegitimate son, and it gave me an opportunity to get into one of my favorite theories as of late—the one about Jason Jordan and the opposite-Roman Reigns strategy.

Pete: “You look at Jason Jordan, and he’s hilarious at this point. I think originally they were trying to push for something that the fan base wasn’t buying, and here’s my theory on Jason Jordan.”

Zach: “OK, let’s hear it.”

Pete: “It’s like WWE finally became self-aware that nobody likes this guy, right?”

Zach: “They pivoted, for sure.”

Pete: “You run someone out there, and you make him sit backward on the chair? You’re self-aware. So my theory is they learned from Roman Reigns, because Roman Reigns, they tried to force people to like him for years and years, and it made them hate him and (in Jason Jordan), they ended up with somebody who they wanted people to like and they couldn’t work with him in that fashion. So with Jason Jordan, they saw it going in that direction, and rather than doing the forcing thing, they said you know what? You’re going to be this whiny bad guy who no one is going to like, and I know they did that because he sat backward. That is a heel move. It may be the most obvious heel turn of all time.”

Zach: “I knew they were onto something because of how mad you were about Jason Jordan—I mean you were hot man. I was like, ‘There is something here. There is something happening that is really getting Pete’s goat.’”

Pete: “Forget the heel turn. They’re going to be talking about the chair turn years from now.”

If you like what you read, you can play the full podcast, which includes a Clash of Champions preview and a brief Raw recap below, or subscribe to it on iTunes at this link.

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