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WWE Superstars don’t seem to know what’s going on either, but they’re still excited for Mixed Match Challenge

Once you look past the fact that WWE mixed tag matches - with tags forced to ensure only men wrestle men and women wrestle women disrupting the normal storytelling flow of pairs bouts - usually stink, there’s a lot to get excited about with Mixed Match Challenge, the new interactive Facebook Watch show debuting on Jan. 16, 2018.

Well, you also have to look past the fact that Survivor Series is no longer “the only time all year we’ll see SmackDown and Raw in head-to-head competition”. And that apparently Sami Zayn won’t be fired on Sunday at Clash of Champions (or he’ll be rehired shortly after he’s fired).

Call it lazy storytelling or suspension of disbelief, WWE is hoping you’ll put all that aside and get caught up in the interactive fun of it all. They wasted no time rolling out a bunch of social media content designed to get you to do just that, too.

SmackDown and Raw General Managers Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle unveiled their teams in videos that seem to confirm the eventual pairings will all be intra-brand. Then competitive besties Sasha Banks and Bayley ran down their possible partners and got an early start on trash talking:

Nobody wants Enzo Amore. Even Nia Jax is putting her storyline crush (and upcoming spot on the 205 Live tour) aside and hoping to become one half of a Monster Among MMC Teams:

The other half of Team Rude doesn’t like that at all, though:

At least (after a little waffling from The Hugster in the above video) the OTP of former NXT aces Bá-yley is on the same page:

Fans may be hoping for a Zayn/Lynch team, but Becky has a different red head (master of disguise) in mind...

Ya boys The New Day are intrigued by all the possibilities, and being themselves...

The New Day discuss WWE Mixed Match Challenge

It's up to YOU to decide which member of The New Day will compete in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge... AND who their partner will be!

Posted by WWE Mixed Match Challenge on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

... while Natalya is pulling for that cake-flipping hunk of meat Big E to win (don’t tell TJ, or her sister) and be her plus-one to the dance...

Could we get Kalisto and Banks?

Team Glorious Flair?

Stay tuned.

And don’t sweat the details - or make like E and use a pancake to pat yourself dry and get back to speculating about MMC teams.

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