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Xavier Woods was real bored during Raw

This Twitter video from your boy Xavier Woods/Austin Creed is good no matter how you cut it.

It’s a great Bonnie Tyler lip synch (even if he flubs “and then I see the look in your eyes”), with probably the best use of hotel room mirrors you’ll find. If you don’t pop when he pans to the make-up mirror for the last couple “turn around”s, we probably can’t be friends.

Woods is also keeping the #UnderSiege, Survivor Series bad blood alive, shading Team Red by indicating he’d rather have some phone fun on a Monday night than watch Raw. Of course, SmackDown had a show in Terre Haute, Indiana last night (Dec. 11)... so either Woods left Big E and Kofi Kingston to handle The New Day’s business without him, or this wasn’t actually filmed during this week’s broadcast, but... we’ll allow it either way.

Watch it forever (forever started last night).

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