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Braun Strowman vs. Kane ends in a surprise double count out on Raw


With the prize of facing Brock Lesnar at next month’s Royal Rumble on the line, monster Braun Strowman and monster Kane met in the main event of tonight’s (Dec. 11) Monday Night Raw.

When beef meets beef only the most hoss of hoss fights will do. The opening bell of the Kane vs. Strowman’s number one contender’s match did not ring until after 11:00 PM ET.

In a high pace by monster battle standards starts, Strowman ate two early Kane chokeslams from the Big Red Machine but kicked out of both finishers. After Strowman hit a chokeslam of his own, both monstesr made their way outside of the ring.

Only five minutes into the match, Strowman launched his nearly 400 pound body in the general direction of Kane and broke a crowd barrier in the process. Surprisingly neither man answered the subsequent ten count from the WWE official.

The final bell sounded but both monsters were not finished with each other. With no referees in sight, steel steps and tables were weaponized in the post-main event aftermath.

The Monster Among Men is not your new number one contender. The Big Red Monster is not your number one contender. Then who will be the new number one contender to The Beast Incarnate next week on Raw?

A Braun Strowman vs. Kane rematch next week on Raw? Maybe a three way dance at the Royal Rumble? Whatever GM Kurt Angle decides on next for Brock Lesnar, it appears the Strowman-Kane feud is not over by a long-shot.

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