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Roman Reigns, Cesaro put on an instant classic on Raw


On a random Monday in December, Roman Reigns and Cesaro left it all in the ring. The latest edition of Reign’s Intercontinental title challenge may have been it’s best.

After Seth Rollins beat Sheamus earlier tonight (Dec. 11) on Raw, Cesaro had his back against the wall versus Reigns. The chemistry between both men was apparent from the opening bell.

The match began with Reigns taking the early lead. Cesaro would battle back and begin to work over the IC champion’s shoulder throughout the contest. Both men unloaded ever move in their arsenal in an effort to earn a three count.

Off a Neutralizer countered into a desperation back body drop, Roman Reigns slipped into a spear that leveled Cesaro to the mat.

Reigns is still your Intercontinental champion but we really need to see a prolonged feud between him and Cesaro somewhere down the road.

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