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WWE heads on down to South Park for their 2017 Happy Holidays video

While WWE’s “Happy Holidays” video misses the mark on South Park’s peak popularity by about, eh, a decade or so, at least it has a Rusev Day reference!

Although it loses points for disrespecting Rusev Day.

It’s still pretty fun:

Travel the world, and join us now
It started with a tweet

Call every Superstar,
from both SmackDown and Raw
and don’t forget NXT, and don’t forget NXT
the Universe shall hear us sing.

Bayley: You want to join in?
Alexa: Eww, I’m busy, It’s Bliss-mas season

Joy to the World
The Champ is Here!
(Dean) Which Bella did he bring?
Here’s Charlotte with her Flair,
Becky’s straight fire red hair
and Sasha with the bling, and Sasha with the bling
(Elias) and my voice will echo through everything

Miz: When Miz-tletoe goes up, your mouth goes...
Maryse: (smooch)

Joy to the World!
(Rusev) It’s Rusev Day!
(All) No that is not a thing

Hey Shinsuke Nakamura
Oh wow this night is Glorious
New Day won’t stop twerking, New Day won’t stop twerking
Please make The New Day stop twerking

Joy to the World!
Monsters and men
And cruiserweights and Gs
(Enzo) How you doing?
Naomi brought the glow
(Goldust) I eat the yellow snow
(Undertaker) I hope you rest in peace, (All) I hope you rest in peace
One final stop - Suplex City

Joy to the World!
The Beast is home
and now we are complete
Yes, every Superstar
from both SmackDown and Raw
and don’t forget NXT, and don’t forget NXT
Happy holidays, from WWE!

What they said. Happy Holidays everyone!

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