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Armageddon 2000 happened on this day in history, and that’s all the excuse we need to post this classic Rock promo

On this day in history 17 years ago, WWE held its Armageddon pay-per-view (PPV) at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The main event of that show was a six-man Hell in a Cell match featuring all the big stars of the Attitude Era: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Triple H, and Rikishi.

I know what you’re thinking, and he more than made up for it during the match with this:

Angle retained his WWE championship that night but that’s not really why we’re here. No, we’re here to remember the promo The Rock cut on each of his opponents on the go home episode of Monday Night Raw.

This is Attitude Era Rock at arguably the height of his powers:

Yeah, there’s some problematic bits in there, but it was right for the time, or at least you could argue as much considering how much money the company was bringing in at the time. This promo sold the hell out of the match, and that show, and Rock himself as a charismatic star every young boy wanted to be just like.

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