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Woken Matt Hardy has his first target in the WWE Great War

Matt Hardy is clearly enjoying free to do whatever he wants online again. And that includes a fun back-and-forth with Drew Gulak regarding whether or not The Drew-topia is the best way to treat SPOT MONKEY ADDICKSHUN, and a tease about his first post-AWAKENING feud on Raw...

Most are taking that to indicate he’ll continue to fight Bray Wyatt.

But what if he really is thanking The Eater of Worlds by DELETING a “DEMON” Wyatt has struggled to defeat?

Bray vs. Broken/Woken Matt has been the fantasy booking of choice for many since the first whispers about the Hardys returning to WWE started last year. They could run that program right out of the gate, but it might be more interesting to build to it. A preliminary story sending him against Finn Bálor (who pretty famously isn’t doing anything else right now anyway) could establish Woken Matt for a new audience, similar to how his first feud against Jeff did in TNA, before moving on to #TheGreatWar with Wyatt.

It would also allow Raw to finish off the Bálor/Wyatt feud without putting Bray in a dress/burlap sack.

Or, speaking of dropped stories, he could be talking about Kane. Remember when The Wyatts kidnapped Kane? Sure, he’s interacted with them since - both before and after going corporate - but we still don’t have a kayfabe explanation for where The Big Red Monster was when Glenn Jacobs was filming See No Evil 2.

Also, there sure are a lot of demons on Monday nights.

Only a couple more days to speculate before Woken Matt shows up on our screens again!

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