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Vince Russo seeks and gets attention, but has no defense against The Young Bucks

NXT’s main event on their Nov. 29 episode was a tag match pitting Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews against Tyler Bate and Trent Seven. It contained several spots the likes of which you’ll see on the indies these days. I liked them a lot. But not everyone did.

Give you two guesses who didn’t like them (that way even if you guess Jim Cornette first, you’ll still get it).

Now, even Vince Russo’s fans pretty much have to admit he sends these things out in the Twitter-verse to get a reaction. But it’s probably hard to resist saying something when it’s your work being blamed for “ruining wrestling” by someone with more than 50,000 followers:

Someone who’s wise to Vince’s game is industry vet and current WWE producer Fit Finlay. He tries to provide young Peter with some advice, while also getting in a couple shots at Russo:

They’d continue back and forth for a while (it’s all beneath the above tweet from Finlay if you want to go read that).

But there was one response for which one of the architects of The Attitude Era didn’t have a comeback:

On behalf of Dunne, Finlay and websites everywhere - thank you, Matt Jackson, for helping us feel a little better about the role we’ve played in helping Vince Russo get the sweet attention on which he thrives.

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