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John Cena attempts to befriend an angry Rusev before Survivor Series

Is John Cena is trying to keep the peace or stirring up even more trouble? Looking to make a splash, yesterday SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon proclaimed out of the blue that Cena would be the fifth member of his Survivor Series squad.

One man on the SmackDown roster was less than pleased with the free agent move by McMahon.

On all of the days, McMahon picked Rusev Day to announce his breaking news.

Then Rusev said this.

Then a contrite Rusev apologized for his earlier statements, who some wrongly took as sarcasm.

Now Cena is offering a figurative olive branch out to Rusev with this tweet.

Sure, John Cena didn’t even bother to ‘@’ Rusev directly and according to Google Translate his attempt to speak Bulgarian ‘съжалявам за моя приятел’ simply reads ‘sorry for my friend’.

Sorry for my friend? Is that even an apology for cutting someone in line? It looks like Cena is at least attempting to mend fences.

Stay tuned right here at CagesideSeats as we await to see if Rusev releases a response to Cena on Rusev Day.

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