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James Ellsworth is out here taking classic finishers from the SmackDown Women’s division

Just days ago, we were touting James Ellsworth’s as the easiest job in WWE.

Now, he’s tapped out to his nemesis Becky Lynch, been (super)kicked to the curb by the love of his kayfabe life and mistress, Carmella, and he’s popping crowds on house shows by getting his asskicked by everyone from Lana to Tamina.

At least we get to watch him take a X-Factor from the Ravishing Russian, a Bronco Buster from Ms. Money In The Bank, a Hulk Hogan leg drop from Naomi and two pinky salute Stone Cold Stunner from The Irish Rattlesnake Lasskicker herself, courtesy of this Instagram from SmackDown’s Leeds show today (Nov. 8):

That’s one way to make up for no Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Now toss me a couple of tea-weisers and give me a belle yeah!

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