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James Ellsworth loses to Becky Lynch then eats a superkick from Carmella


That is going to be one awkward plane ride across the Atlantic Ocean for the SmackDown power couple of James Ellsworth and Carmella. Tonight (Nov. 7) on SmackDown, Becky Lynch finally got her hands on Ellsworth.

In an impromptu LumberJill match, the entire SmackDown women’s roster looked on as Lynch dominated Ellsworth.

Before the match Ellsworth didn’t earn himself any fans with his pre-match trash talk to Lynch in the locker room area.

Solid burn Becky, solid burn.

With two hands and a chance, Ellsworth proceed to mostly play ineffective defense in the rare WWE intergender affair. As the crowd “Becky is going to kill you” Lynch out powered and out wrestled an over matched Ellsworth in the early goings of the contest.

Perhaps looking for a noble defeat Ellsworth attempted to roll away from danger outisde of the ring but was quickly thrown back in by Charlotte Flair. Once back in the ring Ellsworth’s defensive liabilities reared their ugly head again and he was instantly put in the Dis-Arm-Her submission for a quick tapout.

Attempting to mend some fences before the sub, James Ellsworth kissed the hand of Becky Lynch and was then welcomed back into the waiting feet of Ms. Money in the Bank at the conclusion of the match.

Superkick party, population James Ellsworth.

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