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WWE Raw viewers hold steady despite taped show

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw emanated from England, which meant it aired via tape delay. With spoilers readily available hours beforehand, WWE went ahead with a Raw tag team title change, one they didn’t outright spoil but made clear was happening prior to the USA Network airing, in the hopes it would drive viewers.

It seems to have worked out okay.

Indeed, the show drew 2.83 million viewers, down only slightly from last week’s 2.85 million. The hourly breakdown shows the usual pattern, though the promise of a title change held viewers a bit more than normal.

Hour one: 2.94 million
Hour two: 2.96 million
Hour three: 2.63 million

The usual competition is there, with Monday Night Football drawing over 11 million viewers for ESPN. Considering that, this is a solid number for WWE.

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