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Here’s James Ellsworth’s attempt at a straight fire promo on Becky Lynch

"SmackDown Live from Manchester, Becky Lynch one-on-one with me, James Ellsworth? Becky, let me tell you something: I've never cared about the women's revolution. The only woman I care about on this Earth is right here, Carmella, Ms. Money in the Bank. Becky, we've had this coming a long time, ever since you ruined my first WrestleMania. Did you say I ruined Money in the Bank for you? Heh, no, she has always been Ms. Money in the Bank. So, Becky, tomorrow on SmackDown Live, I'm going to remind the WWE Universe and you that any man with two hands has a fighting chance."

It’s taken a months and months of the two going back-and-forth, both on television and social media, but WWE finally booked Becky Lynch vs. James Ellsworth for SmackDown Live this week in Manchester. Above is the latter cutting a promo to promote the match, and, well, you decide how good he did. I, personally, cannot wait to watch Becky throw him around, assuming she actually gets the chance to do so.

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