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Kenny Omega says ‘everyone in WWE is so below me’

Let’s get this quote right out of the way, from a Wrestle Kingdom 12 press conference:

"WWE, in general — you can quote me on this, I don’t care. Everyone there is so below me. No one can put together a performance like me from there. Anyone that’s copying anyone is copying me. I’m the trend right now. I don't need to search anyone as an opponent. I don't need... I don't need to feel the need to take on anyone from there to prove anything."

It should go without saying that Kenny Omega is a worker, one who is promoting a match against Chris Jericho, who has wrestled in many promotions throughout his career but is now widely known as a WWE star. He’s also taken up for the company as the “big leagues” of professional wrestling.

Omega, then, has every reason to say this, because he knows it will get play on sites exactly like this, and most who read it will have a reaction to it and/or immediately attempt to educate themselves on the man making such claims. This is the benefit of working with Jericho. They may or may not have a six-star match but they’re certainly going to get exposure on a level both Omega and New Japan simply wouldn’t get otherwise.

Expect more talk just like this, from both sides.

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