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WWE Raw spoilers (Nov. 6, 2017): Miz TV, Jordan/Elias, Survivor Series build, more!

Today is one of those magical days when WWE travels to Europe and we get some information in advance which helps us decide if we want to spend three hours with Raw on a Monday night.

Team Red is in Manchester, England's creatively named Manchester Arena for the Nov. 6 Raw. Thanks to the five hour time difference between the United Kingdom and the East coast of the U.S. of A., that means advance reports about what goes down on a show which is scheduled to feature Kurt Angle on Miz TV, a Jason Jordan/Elias guitar-on-a-pole match, lots of Survivor Series build and more!

We'll still be watching along with our usual live blog, which will of course cover any segments not shown to the fans in attendance, but more importantly feature ReverendKain’s unmatched play-by-play. You can join the fun at 8PM Eastern here.

Unwrap that present early:

- Matt Hardy def. Curt Hawkins (Main Event)

- Gallows and Anderson def. Heath Slater and Rhyno (Main Event)

- Miz TV with Kurt Angle (Curtis Axel is selling last week’s attack with a neck brace); the GM apologized for what happened to Daniel Bryan last week, but said he had nothing to do with it. Miz didn’t believe him, and was upset Axel didn’t get an apology. That led to Kurt making a non-title Miz vs. Braun Strowman match for later on in the show.

- Jason Jordan def. Elias in a guitar-on-a-pole match after smashing him in the face with the instrument; Elias got the guitar down first, but JJ took it away from him

- Backstage segment with Angle talking to Cesaro and Sheamus; this sets up a tag title match for later

- Asuka def. an enhancement talent

- Samoa Joe vs. Titus O’Neil either was a quick win for Joe or doesn’t happen because The Destroyer jumped Titus during his entrance, but when he asks for a real challenge, we do get...

- Samoa Joe vs. Finn Bálor ends in a double countout after a long match due to the longtime foes brawling outside; They’re separated by security on the ramp, then Angle comes out and says that’s the kind of fire he wants on his team, names both guys to Raw’s Survivor Series squad

- Backstage, Kurt makes Jason Jordan the fifth member of his team

- Bayley and Sasha have an interview with Mike Rome backstage; they talk their Survivor Series credentials from last year and say they’re going to convince Foxy to put them on this year’s team

- Bayley and Sasha Banks def. Nia Jax and Alicia Fox via submission (Bank Statement on Alicia) amidst lots of “Hey Bayley” sing-song chants

- Fox says she wants Banks on her Survivor Series team, but doesn’t say anything about The Hugster

- Miz vs. Braun Strowman becomes a one vs. all battle. Strowman takes out The Miztourage and then here comes KANE! Braun slips out of a chokeslam and hits the running powerslam, but Kane sits up. All four heels attack, but The Monster Among Men fights them all off to stand tall.

- Renee Young talks to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins about their title defense

- Enzo Amore is here for a promo about his championship defense at the PPV. His opponent Kalisto is out, taking a seat at ringside. The GM appears to announce that Amore is wrestling tonight - against UK champ Pete Dunne! It’s the Bruiserweight’s Raw debut.

- Pete Dunne def. Enzo Amore via pinfall following Bitter End; Kalisto raised Dunne’s arm after the match.

- The UK Championship division has been invited to 205 Live tomorrow. In addition to Dunne, Tyler Bate, Mark Andrews, Judas Devlin and others are shown on a graphic in the arena.

- Following a hype piece for Lesnar/Mahal at the PPV, it’s announced Brock will be on the ‘go home’

- Charly Caruso interviews Alexa Bliss backstage; the champ shuts down Charly trying to bring up how she ran away during #UnderSiege, and reminds Natalya that she couldn’t win the belt when they were both on SmackDown.

- Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (in their Shield tactical gear) vs. The Bar (in Liverpool kits) for the Raw tag team titles; late in the match, New Day’s music hits and they come through the crowd, asking fans how they like the three hour b-show. They bring up how Raw never retaliated to their first attack, and called this Under Siege part two. The Raw locker room comes out with Kurt Angle to ensure no further shenanigans, and while that’s going on...

- The Bar def. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins via pinfall following a Brogue Kick to Ambrose to become the new Raw tag team champions

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