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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 6, 2017): Miz TV with Kurt Angle

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 6, 2017) from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) later this month in Houston.

Advertised for tonight: Miz TV with Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan vs. Elias in a Guitar-on-a-Pole match, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


When the ebbing tide retreats along the rocky shoreline, it leaves a trail of tidal pools in a short-lived galaxy. Each microcosmic planet a complete society; a simple kind mirror to reflect upon our own. All the busy little creatures chasing out their destinies. Living in their pools they soon forget about the sea, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show leads off with a text scroll offering WWE's deepest condolences over the recent shooting in Texas.

Thence to a recap video covering the Miz/Braun/Kane stuff from the last couple weeks.

In the arena, Miz and the Miztourage are in the ring for MizTV. He does his usual introductory spiel and offers a message for Baron Corbin. He says he told him if he ever talks about his pregnant wife again, he'll knock his teeth down his throat, but Corbin continued talking about her and also about his unborn daughter and how at Survivor Series Miz will call him daddy.

Miz says when he speaks, he speaks from his heart, but Baron gives him this "Who's your daddy?" nonsense? This isn't the indies, it's the big leagues, and when somebody throws a fastball at you you better be ready to step up to the plate. While Corbin is the bathroom break of SmackDown, the A-Lister is the whole damn show on Raw. Miz says when he beats Corbin he'll make his title actually relevant, something Baron couldn't do by himself.

But as much as he wants to get his hands on Corbin, his guest wants to put hands on Shane McMahon, it's Kurt Angle! Miz welcomes him to the show and Angle says despite their differences, he has his full support against Corbin. Miz thanks him and says he wishes he could say the same, to which Kurt says if anybody knows what he can do in the ring it's Miz, unless he's already forgotten TLC.

Miz remembers, alright, he remembers Angle abusing his power for one last shot at glory, he remembers his team falling apart, and he remembers Stephanie McMahon making Kurt captain of Team Raw at Survivor Series. (That last one comes with a video clip.) Angle says he's not going anywhere, this is Raw, they're about to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they're the best show, the best talent, and the best fans.

SmackDown's had a good run, but it'll always be known as the B show, and they'll prove it at Survivor Series. This leads the A-Lister to roll footage of the siege of Raw from a few weeks ago and then play footage of Kane attacking Daniel Bryan last week, claiming that Angle was behind the attack. He wouldn't be shocked if SmackDown put them under siege again tonight!

Kurt says they wouldn't dare, it's not happening, and he had nothing to do with Kane's attack. In fact he wants to apologize to Bryan, because he has nothing but respect for him. Miz says in that moment he saw a glimpse of the cutthroat Kurt Angle who'd do anything to get the job done, and he knows he systematically planned to eliminate Dan just like he tried to eliminate the Miztourage.

Angle has no idea what he's talking about but Miz continues, bringing up last week when Angle stopped him from leaving and Braun Strowman tried to crush him with a garbage truck. Luckily he and Bo Dallas escaped, but Curtis Axel wasn't so lucky. The camera focuses on a sad Axel in a neckbrace beside the Miz, and the A-Lister says Bryan doesn't deserve an apology, but Curtis does.

Kurt goes to speak but Miz shuts him up, which leads the Olympian to stand up and get in his face. Miz says he has one simple question-- if he had nothing to do with the attack last week, than why did he reward him the next day by putting him on Team Raw? Angle says one had nothing to do with the other, and Strowman deserves to be on Team Raw. And he's a hell of a negotiator, because Kurt had to promise him one thing to get him on board.

A match. Tonight. Against the Miz. Miz literally gets on his knees and begs as Angle leaves.

Elias is walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial in time for entrances.

Elias cuts a promo and says he's destiny manifested before asking if anyone wants to walk with him. He feels naked because one of his babies has been taken to the sky and put on the pole. Every guitar he touches is special to him, and last week Jason Jordan crushed one of his cherished instruments, but that won't stop him from singing a song.

He polls the crowd if they'd like to hear him sing Wonderwall before saying that's too bad and he has an original song that he's gonna do a capella, which will be better than anything Noel Gallagher ever wrote. The song, of course, is about how much he hates Manchester and how terrible the people are. And, of course, he's interrupted part-way by Jordan.

Elias vs. Jason Jordan (Guitar on a Pole Match)

Elias going right for the guitar but Jordan pulls him away and they trade punches. The Drifter gets away, goes to the pole, and again Jason yanks him back, this time landing a dropkick that sends him outside for a second. Back inside and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Samson is in control and kicking Jordan in the ribs. Drawing him up for an uppercut, chopping him in the corner, Jason from behind with forearms and they brawl against the ropes for a moment before Elias goes for a back suplex and Jordan lands on his feet! Bridging northern lights suplex out of the corner rolled into a release northern lights suplex and Jason climbs!

The Drifter cuts him off and lays him out with a lariat... he's got the guitar! But Jordan ducks under the shot and takes the guitar in hand, leading Elias to run outside. Jason follows around and back in where Samson cuts him off and puts boots to him but Jordan is able to turn it around, double leg stampede corner to corner, overhead belly-to-belly, he picks the guitar back up...

Jason Jordan wins by striking Elias across the back with the guitar.

We go to break on an Asuka vignette.

Back from commercial and the Bar show up to talk to Kurt Angle backstage. Cesaro thinks he's not putting his best foot forward at Survivor Series. Both the women's and Intercontinenal Championships have been defended but Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose should have to put the tag titles on the line to make sure they send the best champions out. Angle says he expects them to be Raw's first line of defense, and if they want a shot, don't try to manipulate him, just man up and say it!

Sheamus says they want to represent Raw as tag champions because they know they can beat the Usos and Seth and Dean cannot. Kurt gives them one last chance tonight.

Asuka comes down for her match, and her opponent is indie wrestler Isla Dawn, billed as Stacy Coates.

Asuka vs. Stacy Coates

Asuka rolls under a lariat and lays her out with kicks. Following up with stomps, Coates on the back foot, Asuka beckons her in and she throws a few exploratory forearms but Asuka destroys her with a strike rush. Off the ropes, hip attack, fired up, chest kicks, the buzzsaw finale connects and she stalks her prey, double chickenwing lift dropped to the mat...

Asuka wins by submission with the Asuka Lock.

Alicia Fox appears in video form to make a captain's announcement that Asuka has been added to the Raw women's team at Survivor Series.

Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews roll up on an interview. Titus says they love to have fun, but last week wasn't fun at all. Last week he had his eyes set on helping his man Crews, but tonight his eyes are set on Samoa Joe. And, as far as he sees it, Samoa Joe is in trouble.

The match will be after the break.


The Coquina Clutch is in on O'Neil... He's out!

Joe gets in the ring and cuts a promo, saying it doesn't matter who you are, what skills you possess-- if you stand in his way, he will put you down. So, if anybody wants to prove him wrong, feel free to come on down here because he's not done yet!

Enter Finn Balor! The match, however, will have to wait until after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the bell!

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe

Circling, Joe throws a probing kick, Balor goes low, and Samoa decides to lean against the corner for a bit of mind games. Back to circling, collar and elbow, Joe forces Finn into the ropes and breaks dirty with a kick. Side headlock, Balor shoots him off and gets wiped out by a shoulder block. Throwing punches but Samoa turns him around and scrapes his eyes against the top rope!

Punches from Joe, he's thinking about a powerbomb but Finn double legs him and hits a stomp to the gut. Whip reversed, Balor hops to the apron, gamengiri connects, he climbs up top but Samoa wakes up and crotches him on the buckle! Tenryu jabs follow once he gets him down, but Finn throws a few forearms, leading Joe to whip him hard in the corner and hit the elbow into the enzuigiri for a nearfall.

Snapmare into a neck crank, trying to wrench Balor's head off but Finn gets to his feet and throws some punches. Samoa with a headbutt, another snapmare into a chop, off the ropes with an elbow drop and that gets him two. More punches, off the ropes, back elbow and another nearfall as Joe keeps rolling, going right back to the neck crank. Finn fights out with elbows and forearms but takes a knee to the gut in return.

Joe whips him to the corner, Balor with the boot up, off the ropes with forearms, trying to stagger the big man, he ducks a lariat and connects with a flying forearm! Whip reversed, up and over, Samoa with a superkick, but Finn hits a gamengiri that knocks Joe to the floor! Dropkick through the ropes, Balor hits the Penalty Kick off the apron to follow up on it!

Back inside, but Samoa rolls out the other side so Finn comes around the entire ring with a flying forearm on the floor to send us to break.

Back from commercial Finn hits a Sling Blade but Joe sidesteps the shotgun dropkick and connects with the senton! He sets Balor up top but Finn hammers him with overhead elbows in return, which leads Samoa to wipe him out with a big chop! Fireman's carry, Balor reverses to a sunset flip for a nearfall! Trading strikes and both men are laid out on the mat!

Referee Rod Zapata issues a standing ten count but they both beat it. Finn ducks a lariat, another Sling Blade, shotgun dropkick connects this time, up top, Coup de Grace... NOBODY HOME! Joe with the big Rock Bottom out of the corner... NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Coquina Clutch applied in the middle of the ring, Balor reverses by stepping up the turnbuckles, double stomp and Samoa heads outside.

Tope con giro connects and they keep fighting on the ramp as Zapata counts. Joe biels Finn hard...

The match goes to a double countout.

They continue to fight on the ramp as referees swarm and try to pull them apart, but they're not having it! Security (including two that appear to be UK indie wrestlers Kenny Williams and Ashton Smith) comes down with Kurt Angle and finally pry them apart, when Angle gets on the mic and announces them both for Team Raw at Survivor Series.

FINN DIVES OFF THE STAGE ON JOE AFTER THE ANNOUNCEMENT! Once again refs and security pry them apart.

Backstage Miz is pacing while Bo Dallas tells him Halloween is over and monsters aren't real. He pitches them on being able to take Braun out, but Axel isn't so sure and wants to leave right now. This stops Miz dead in his tracks, fuming.

Commentary hypes up our tag title main event and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a bumper about Triple H sending the latest champion baseballmen a copy of the WWE Championship.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is leaving a voicemail for Daniel Bryan asking him to call back so he can apologize. Jason Jordan rolls up and Angle congratulates him on having a great match tonight and making great strides as a competitor. This may be perceived as favoritism, but his job is on the line at Survivor Series and he needs somebody he can trust, so he's choosing him as the final member of Team Raw.

Jordan can't believe it and hugs his legitimate biological father before swearing to win the whole thing.

Commentary goes over the teams quickly and we go backstage for an interview with two potential members for the women's team, Bayley and Sasha Banks. They haven't spoken with Alicia Fox about being on the team because even though she's... different, she's not so different as to not put them on the team. Bayley says she captained the team to victory last year and the only hugs that will be given are hugs of consolation after Team SmackDown loses.

Sasha Banks compares her accolades to the SmackDown women's and uses it as a talking point to prove why she should be on the team. Bayley says Fox is blinded by her new toys, but on the big stage, nobody shines brighter than they do.

Nia Jax makes her entrance, she's in action after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the remainder of our entrances.

Alicia Fox & Nia Jax vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Bayley and Alicia to start, Fox ducks a lariat and acts wacky before tagging Jax in. Collar and elbow, Nia easily forcing the Hugger around and throwing her into the corner. Follows it up with a headbutt, snapmare, disdainful kick, Bayley gets a few body blows in but not enough to turn the tide just yet. Side headlock, Jax throws her aside but the Hugger comes right back in with forearms and thrown away just the same.

Again, tag to Banks after this time and they work together to shove her into the corner. Up and over to the apron, Sasha up top with a diving crossbody, Nia catches her and goes for a slam but the Boss slips away and rolls away from an elbow drop, sliding knee but it's barely good for one! Jax tags Alicia in, snapmare to a reverse chinlock but Banks slips away and gets a tag in short order.

Bayley caught by a boot soon after but able to pass Fox outside, Nia from behind to knock her out as well and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jax hits a pair of elbow drops on the Hugger before tagging Alicia back in. Fox laying kicks to the lower back in with Bayley caught up in the ropes, and the cover's only good for two. Tag back to Nia, body avalanche, stomp to the back, the Hugger firing clubs off for some separation, off the ropes, crossbody gets caught but she slips out of the clutch, up and over, Nia catches her, across the ring... Snake Eyes!

Stepping on the ponytail with both arms wristlocked, a biel follows and Alicia tags in again. Bayley fights 'em off two on one, dropkick for Nia, shove into the buckle for Fox, crawling for the tag and she gets it! Banks in with a kick, up top, Meteora, baseball slide for Jax, duck a lariat, tilt-a-whirl headscissors, corner double knee drop but Nia breaks the cover up!

Bayley in to run interference, she grabs a sleeper hold on Jax and dumps her out of the ring with a little help from the Boss! Alicia rolls Banks up but Sasha reverses...

Bayley & Sasha Banks win by submission with the Bank Statement crossface from Banks on Alicia Fox.

Fox gets on the mic after to tell Sasha she needs and wants her on Team Raw, leaving Bayley in the lurch for the time being.

Braun Strowman is walking backstage, his match against the Miz is after the break.

Back from commercial we get another recap of the Braun Strowman story of the past couple weeks because Raw is three hours long.

Braun Strowman vs. the Miz

Miz IMMEDIATELY heads for the floor where Dallas and Axel huddle around him for a strategy meeting. Referee Chad Patton counts as the Miztourage try to get behind Strowman, but he sees them coming and runs them off before Miz can press the attack. Back to the huddle, Patton having restarted his count, Miztourage again running interference, Miz comes in... CAUGHT HIM!

Braun biels the A-Lister across the ring and he rolls to the floor where Bo and Curtis check on him. Strowman comes around after his prey but Miz books it! Braun palms his head like a basketball and lifts him to the apron! Into the ringpost he goes! Out after his carcass the monster goes and he biels Miz from the floor and into the ring! Drawing him up, on one shoulder and he drops him with the Yokosuka Facebuster!

Strowman out after the Miztourage, he knocks Dallas out with a punch and advances on Axel. Curtis begs but the monster shows no mercy and throws him into the barricade! Braun tells Miz he can't run and throws him out of the ring into his pals!

This, somehow, brings Kane out to ruin everything. He heads into the ring and squares off with Strowman. Braun says he's the only monster on Raw and they trade punches...

Braun Strowman wins by disqualification, presumably.

Kane gets a boot up on a charge, he goozles Strowman but the monster among men pries his hand off and gets him up on his shoulder... RUNNING POWERSLAM! KANE SITS UP! BRAUN CLOTHESLINES THE BIG RED MACHINE TO THE FLOOR! MIZ ATTACKS FROM BEHIND WITH A CHOP BLOCK AND THE MIZTOURAGE JOIN IN BUT STROWMAN THROWS THEM ASIDE!

Charging lariats for everybody, Miz up on his shoulders... RUNNING POWERSLAM! Strowman takes his leave, a smile on his face.

Backstage, Ambrose and Rollins roll up on an interview about their title defense tonight. Dean says they weren't expecting it, but as champions they have to expect the unexpected, and defending the titles is what they do every single night. Tonight they're gonna take care of their business and go have some fish and chips and a few pints. Seth says as dominant as they are they make enemies everywhere, and when they're done with SmackDown they're gonna be Team Black and Blue.

Dean adds purple and yellow to the mix and Rollins says they're gonna show the Usos who's really the best tag team in the world. They don't like the Bar, they smell, Dean makes a beaver mouth for Cesaro, and they declare the Bar aren't going to win tonight. They want to talk about the bar? Their fists have been and always will be the real bar.

That sends us to break.

Back from commercial we get a chicken-endorsed recap of Kalisto's disqualification victory over Enzo Amore a few weeks back on 205 Live.

Enzo Amore makes his entrance, he does the deal. He says he's the biggest thing to enter the UK since the bubonic plague and they should be grateful he's here in their presence. But how can they be grateful if they're not great in the first place? But he's grateful for all the fans who chant his name and take pictures of him, but that stops now and they need to shut up.

He asks what's next for him as WWE Cruiserweight Champion and starts telling a story where he looks around and he starts talking to a little kid who asks that of him and he can't lie to the kid and he says he's sorry to break it to him, but what's next is Kalisto at Survivor Series. He claims there's a conspiracy against him since he's the only champion defending his title at Survivor Series and commentary is talking over him and I'm lost.

Pound for pound he's worth his weight in gold but Kalisto isn't worth his weight in Doritos. Well, that brings Kalisto out and he takes a seat at ringside.


Well, his music plays, but Kurt Angle comes out first and says tonight it's gonna be Cruiserweight vs. Bruiserweight! He gives Dunne a big introduction and Peter makes his way out!

The match will take place after the break!

Back from commercial in time for the bell!

Enzo Amore vs. Pete Dunne

Dunne right on him with a wicked forearm and grounded punches such that Amore seeks refuge on the floor! Enzo wastes time jawing at Kalisto and gets caught for it, X Plex on the apron! The cover's only good for two but Amore is struggling as Peter tears at his fingers! Bending the ring finger back hard to block elbows, and Enzo heads to the apron where he manages to yank Dunne into the ropes.

Basement dropkick, a desperate cover but it's only two! Amore trapping the arms, kind of a modified camel clutch interspersed with smashing his face into the mat with forearms to the back of the head! Pete gets to his knees and Enzo kicks his ribs before again being distracted jawing at Kalisto and giving Dunne a chance for a schoolboy pin for a nearfall!

Huge enzuigiri from the Bruiserweight, he charges into a boot and catches it but Amore smashes him down, gets a pin with his feet in the ropes but Kalisto points it out to the ref! Enzo apoplectic and yelling, Pete hits him from behind with a forearm...

Pete Dunne wins by pinfall with Bitter End.

Kalisto and Dunne celebrate over Amore's unconscious body.

Commentary hypes up our tag title match before promising an in-depth look at Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal after the break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up Total Divas before tossing to the promised video package about the Lesnar/Mahal feud.

Alexa Bliss is interviewed backstage. She says Natalya is a cat lady and didn't run her off, which Charly Caruso "um, actually"s and points out that she did in fact run away from the Siege. Bliss says she only runs where she wants, and she's going to run circles around Nattie, who was never champion when she was on SmackDown. She asks Charly what two plus two makes, and she says four, but Alexa says it's one, as in the one and only Goddess of WWE.

The Bar make their entrance, the tag title match will be after the break.

Back from commercial we get some hype for the UK Championship Division coming to 205 Live tomorrow night.

The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. the Shield (Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) (c) (WWE RAw Tag Team Championship)

Ambrose and Sheamus to start, Dean putting boots to him and clotheslining Cesaro off the apron for good measure. Neckbreaker for the Celtic Warrior, tag made, bear hug... SLING BLADE HART ATTACK! Sheamus gets away, tags Cesaro in, but Rollins cuts him off and hits an X-Factor! Double whip, Sheamus saves his buddy but Seth wipes them both out with a dropkick... STEREO PLANCHAS!

Dean back in with Cesaro, throwing chops to back the Swiss national in the corner, ducking on the turnaround, whip across, boot up and the Swiss Superman cracks him across the face with a wicked uppercut! Tag to Sheamus, in with a kick to the gut and an uppercut, bouncing Ambrose against the ropes with more uppercuts but Dean gets fired up and throws a flurry of forearms. Knee lift, tag to the Architect, they're running hot and dump the Bar to the floor to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Sheamus hits a short-arm lariat on Ambrose for a nearfall and grabs a top wristlock to follow it up and keep the tag champ grounded. Dean out with elbows but the Celtic Warrior keeps hold of him and tags Cesaro in for stereo low superkicks for a nearfall. Cesaro grabs a reverse chinlock, Ambrose fights to his feet, tag to Sheamus and he gets cut off with a double elbow.

Knee drop connects, Beats of the Bodhran, to the floor, trying to send him back in but Dean slides off the apron and clobbers him with a lariat! Cesaro legal, he clears Rollins off the apron, double leg pickup sets Ambrose in the turnbuckles, thinking superplex but Dean blocks and the Swiss Superman finds himself crotched on the top rope!

Ambrose hits a diving lariat that knocks Cesaro to the floor and his own self loopy to the point where he's not sure what corner to crawl to. Celtic Warrior back in, scooping Ambrose up before Rollins recovers but Dean is able to evade him and put him into the post! Tag to the Architect, in hard with a diving lariat, the blockbuster, suicide dive on Sheamus, springboard but Cesaro ducks under!

Thinking buckle bomb, Cesaro reverses and Seth hits a Falcon Arrow... NOPE! Double axehandle takes Sheamus off but the Swiss Superman is ready for Rollins coming off the ropes... SWISS DEATH! NOT ENOUGH! Thinking about the double High Cross, Dean makes the save and they brawl square in the middle of the ring as referee Shawn Bennett tries to restore order!

Shield Boys with lariats... NO GOOD! Thinking tandem dives but the Bar cut them off with forearms... DOUBLE HIGH CROSS ON AMBROSE INTO THE BARRICADE! Sheamus lands a kick on Seth back in the ring, Cesaro gets him up for a powerbomb, the Celtic Warrior connects with a lariat... SETH ROLLINS WON'T GO OUT THAT WAY TONIGHT! Rollins clears Cesaro out, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds, Frog Splash... CESARO BACK IN TO BREAK IT UP!

Enter... Big E? Doing the deal?! NEW DAY ARE HERE COMING THROUGH THE CROWD! Xavier Woods applauds us for sitting through three hours of the B show, but New Day are here to spice things up a bit. Kurt Angle, Heath Slater, and Rhyno are walking backstage collecting the Raw roster while New Day talk about putting Raw under siege again. #UnderSiegePartTwo, even. And Raw is gonna do nothing about it.

Well, at that point Angle and the Raw roster make their way ringside! Oh, that's right, we do have a tag team match going on...

The Bar win by pinfall with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus on Seth Rollins, winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship!

The Bar celebrate with the titles up the entry while the Shield fume and Kurt Angle has a "what the hell just happened" look on his face.

That's the show, folks.

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