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Jason Jordan is out here threatening Elias with accuracy

WWE is promoting a Jason Jordan vs. Elias “Guitar-on-a-Pole” match for Monday Night Raw next week and that means the former had to cut a promo on as much for social media. Here’s what he came up with:

"Elias, did you honestly think that you were going to be able to hit me with a guitar and get away with no consequences? You tried to end my career and now you're running like a scared little boy, as you should be. You thought that I was accurate when I was throwing fruit and vegetables at you during your live performance at TLC, wait until you see the accuracy that I have when I'm swinging the guitar. This Monday in Manchester in our Guitar-on-a-Pole match, you're stuck in a ring with me and a guitar. You better believe that I'm going to be swinging that thing like Babe Ruth swings a baseball bat. And just like last week your guitar is going to explode except come Monday it's going to be over your head."

He is threatening that man with accuracy. What a match we’re surely in store for.

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