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The Houston Astros not only celebrated with their WWE title at the World Series parade, they cut promos with it

Whenever a team wins a championship in the United States, there’s now a discussion about whether or not they’ll go to the White House. But there is no question they’re receiving a WWE title belt.

So on Thursday, Nov. 2, the day after the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 7 to win the 2017 World Series, it was no surprise that this hit social media:

Then on Friday, at the victory parade in H-Town (or WOO!-ston), Astros’ outfielder Josh Reddick took it to the next level:

A little bit better than last year, when Cubs’ third baseman Kris Bryant told TV personalities he didn’t “know what this is” when he held the belt during an interview at the celebration in Chicago.

Not really a fair comparison for Bryant, though, as Reddick is a lifelong wrestling fan. Heck, this isn’t even his first angle! Still, that’s pretty cool, and exactly what WWE hopes to see when they ship one of these bad boys out.

Now please join us in sending a big congratulatory “WOOOO!” to the Astros and their fans.

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