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Rob Gronkowski just cut an angry promo on Mojo Rawley


So Rob Gronkowski vs. Mojo Rawley is pretty much set for the co-main event of WrestleMania 34? If Lawrence Taylor can main event WrestleMania XI then why not Gronk?

For those of you still wounded by Rawley turning his back on Zack Ryder on SmackDown, don’t watch this scalding Gronkowski promo on his former friend Rawley. The cut is still too fresh and you may not be ready watch the bromance of Gronk-Mojo (Mojo-Gronk?) break apart at the seams.

What does Jinder Mahal think of all this?

Who knew that the whole time The Hype Bros were on SmackDown, Rob Gronkowski was secretly a bigger fan of Zack Ryder than Mojo Rawley? Gronkowski and the New England Patriots play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, no word on if Rawley plans to sneak into the stadium for yet another one of his patented sneak attacks.

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