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Lio Rush removes WWE/NXT wording from his social media profiles

Congratulations Lio Rush you’re back in the news again. The last time we heard from the NXT high flyer, the pro wrestling Internet was piling on him for a classless Emma joke.

Besides everyone collectively shaking their heads at him, Rush had one match versus The Velveteen Dream on the October 11th episode of NXT.

Besides some NXT house shows, Rush has managed to not rock the boat on social media (or on TV) since he was publicly shamed for talking about Emma after she was released from the WWE.

Caught by a savvy Reddit pro wrestling fan not only was Rush not at any of the NXT tapings that took place this week, the 23-year-old also has removed all mentions of WWE and NXT from his social media profiles.

Rush’s popular Instagram page also has no mention of WWE or NXT listed in his bio.

The WWE has cut ties with wrestlers for less than a social media blunder, is this just Lio Rush working on a new gimmick or is it possible he is no longer employed by the WWE?

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