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Nikki Bella wants to do a few movies after WWE comeback

Nikki Bella’s run on “Dancing with the Stars” changed her, or at least opened her eyes to new forms of expression she paid no mind to before. That means a shift in future aspirations. Yes, a WWE comeback alongside her sister, Brie, is still a top priority but after that, she may be following in the footsteps of her future husband, John Cena.

As noted in the above video, after a discussion of her feelings on being eliminated from the dance competition, she drops this nugget:

"On to the next thing to conquer, right? I'm actually, for the first time ever, thinking about that I want to do a few movies. Getting lost in a character was really fun and I think that's something I want to do next. But I think I do need to make a comeback with Brie first -- at least that's what I want to do. So, Vince (McMahon), you're going to be getting a call."

Can you imagine Nikki starring in literally any movie? Let’s hope it happens, just so we see for ourselves.

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