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A big, very important thing happened at the Nov. 29 NXT taping (SPOILER)

At the Nov. 29 NXT taping at Full Sail Live, a big, very important thing happened.

WWE is running the story themselves, with requisite spoiler warnings, but it’s the pretty much the first thing I thought of when I saw their headline, so in an effort to minimize complaints about “ruining” things for people who avoid results in advance... you get the cryptic teaser headline.

Anyway, get out now if you don’t want to know about...

The new tag champs, Undisputed ERA’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.

Wrestling Observer’s NXT/Florida correspondent pretty much tells you what we know. Adam Cole and Nikki Cross both played a role in the title fight between the former reDRagon duo and SAnitY’s Eric Young and Killian Dain. But Cole did it better, we presume, because his boys took down the champions and Undisputed has its first WWE gold.

Since TakeOvers hit the road, Full Sail doesn’t see belts change hands very often, so this is a nice treat for the faithful before NXT heads to Atlanta for the next batch of episodes.

Now brace yourself for SAnitY call-up rumors around Rumble time...

For full spoilers from tonight, click here.

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