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WWE is celebrating the one year anniversary of 205 Live by asking why you don’t watch

As mentioned on this week’s edition of the show, 205 Live turns one year old today (Nov. 29).

The WWE Network series built off the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC) and was going to give sub-205 pound performers a dedicated spot to connect to the audience while giving the streaming service fresh content. Unfortunately, while there have been good angles, characters and certainly matches during its brief existence, viewership numbers reportedly aren’t great and the show doesn’t have many passionate advocates in the audience.

There have been creative highspots (if you will). Neville’s King gimmick was great. Drew Gulak’s Powerpoint presentations are always worth a watch. The early stages of Enzo Amore’s push presented some intriguing possibilities. But there’s been no “breakout hit” that could take 205 Live from a niche program to a major success.

WWE is marking the series’ one year anniversary in a couple ways. On social media, they’re going the expected route by asking fans to list their favorite matches from the last 52 weeks.

Out of the spotlight, but more importantly, they’re trying to figure out why more people aren’t watching. According to Wrestling Inc, a survey recently went out to the “WWE Fan Council” asking if fans know about 205 Live, how often they watch and why they don’t watch, or watch more often.

The choices for those last questions reportedly are:

  • Busy when the show initially airs and forget to watch at a later time
  • Matches are repetitive
  • Announce team is not that interesting
  • Prefer watching other weekly WWE shows instead
  • Watching cruiserweight matches on other WWE shows is enough for me
  • WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on that show are not that interesting
  • WWE 205 Live slips my mind/I forget to watch
  • WWE Cruiserweight Superstars do not have a significant role in WWE pay-per-view events/RAW
  • Not interested in a WWE Cruiserweight division
  • Watch enough WWE shows and do not have time

They also want to know if you would watch more often if “WWE Superstars from RAW or SmackDown were to engage more frequently with WWE Cruiserweight Superstars on the WWE 205 Live show”.

As our latest Rumor Roundup indicated, this survey has caused a lot of speculation about 205 Live’s future.

If WWE were going to pull the plug, it probably would have happened already. The show and cruiserweight division have at times been said to personal projects for both Triple H and Vince McMahon. They’re tried moving more main roster stars over, both as members of the roster and guest stars, and have at least a few more lined up (NXT’s Hideo Itami, definitely, and TNA’s Rockstar Spud, reportedly).

The fact they’re asking about possible changes probably indicates it’s not on the chopping block... yet. With reports of a Facebook Live show which could film after SmackDown, however, a move to tape-delayed Main Event status seems possible while they try new things, however.

What, if anything, would get you to punch up 205 Live on a weekly basis, Cagesiders?

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