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Triple H asks the question we’ve all been asking: ‘Why am I back?’

In all seriousness, this is a good promo which blends Hunter’s fan favorite “father of NXT” character with his main roster “best for business” Authority figure one. It also plays with Jinder Mahal’s status as he heads into their match in India in an interesting ‘reality’ era way.

But I couldn’t resist the cheap joke. Sorry (not sorry). And Trips’ answer to his own question is also good!

“Jinder Mahal. As Dec. 9th approaches, you must ask yourself why? Why am I back? Why am I stepping in the ring? Why am I coming to India, to New Dehli, to face The Modern Day Maharajah, Jinder Mahal?

See Jinder, it’s my job now - my place - to ensure the future. How I ensure that future is by making sure our athletes are the best. I push them to the limits. I make sure that every day they learn lessons that make them better than they were the day before.

Jinder. I have taken it upon myself then, to make you better. Sometimes the best way to improve is to learn from your failures.

So I come to New Dehli on December the 9th, Jinder, in front of 1.3 billion of your people, and I come there to teach you. To ensure that you are everything you say you are in the future. I come there to teach you a lesson that only I can teach. Because when you step into my ring, you are no longer in India. You are no longer in front of just 1.3 billion of your people. You are now in my world.

My world. And in my world, Jinder, there is only one true king. One King of Kings. And all will be humbled before him - including you.

I will see you in New Dehli, Maharajah.”

Plus, it’s only two minutes long, which anyone who lived through Evolution 1.0 will appreciate.

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