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Jinder Mahal lays waste to Singh Brothers post-match

Jinder Mahal has just lost his mind. Moments after The Hype Brothers exploded, tonight (Nov. 28) also saw Mahal kick the Singh Brothers to the curb no SmackDown.

Mahal laid out the perfect plan prior to a Singh Brothers vs. AJ Styles 2-on-1 match scheduled for SmackDown. You see Mahal and the Brothers would attack the WWE Champion during his entrance when he was not looking.

The plan worked to perfection as a worn down Styles started his match-up with the Singh Brothers behind the eight-ball. The Brothers worked over Styes for the majority of the match but were done in by a spectacular second rope Styles Clash for the 1-2-3 victory.

Without his title and with another loss for his brothers in arms, Mahal was apparently a man with nothing left to lose.

Then Mahal went off the rails and hit both Singh Brothers with a Khallas.

What’s a man without friends? Jinder Mahal looks to be riding solo for the remainder of his feud with AJ Styles.

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