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Mojo Rawley turns on Zack Ryder after another loss


He doesn’t get hyped, he stays mad. Mojo Rawley lost his cool on Zack Ryder and there is no turning back. Tonight (Nov. 28) on SmackDown will be forever be known as “the night the hype died”.

After what seems like months of never quite getting over the hump, Rawley snapped on Ryder after the Bros lost to The Bludgeon Brothers in less than 30 seconds.

Up is down. Down is up. Mojo Rawley is interrupting Zack Ryder promos with a cheap shot to the back of the head.

Not cool bro.

"The Hype Bros are DEAD! YOU HEAR ME? YOU HEAR ME?"

Not cool at all. This felt like the right time to break-up The Hype Bros, is this the beginning of a big Mojo Rawley singles push?

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