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Dana Brooke may join Titus Worldwide after all

Remember when it looked like Titus Worldwide might be a real thing? Akira Tozawa took down The King of the Cruiserweights (remember him?) for a minute, Tozawa, Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews were doing funny Raw Fallout videos on a regular basis - with and without big name co-stars... life was good!

They’re still a presence on social media, but Titus and Apollo are pretty much the same enhancement talents they were before their alliance got a catchy name. Akira’s off mostly on his own in the wasteland that is 205 Live.

But business might be about to pick up...

A four month old storyline got picked up, anyway. After this week’s Raw, O’Neil and Crews approached Dana Brooke after her latest blink-and-you-missed-it loss to Asuka, and they’re back to teasing an official female member of Worldwide:

Back before SummerSlam, it looked like Dana might join, or she might steal Mickie James’ gimmick? It wasn’t clear. Then it looked like the guys were just messing with her.

The whole thing was dropped for a while and now here we are.

Now, before you get too excited, remember that Brooke is basically the queen of the dropped pre/post-show angle. Remember when it looked like Dana and Emma might be putting their NXT partnership back together after a tease on the Great Balls of Fire Kickoff?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Oh well. Not everyone can be Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, the patron saints of undercard over-acheivers...

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