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Braun Strowman saves Finn Balor from Kane on Raw

That’s got to be Jason Jordan’s music? Wait, that really has to be Finn Balor’s music! No, that was actually Braun Strowman’s music!?!?

It took three men but tonight’s (Nov. 27) Raw main event finally ended after Kane took on a gauntlet of competitors. Upon Jordan’s request to his dad, the youngster was booked in the main event of Raw versus Kane.

Then Jordan’s bum knee acted up again and he lost to Kane via count out. During a post-match beatdown, Balor came out to rescue Jason Jordan and was awarded an official match with The Big Red Monster by GM Kurt Angle.

As luck would have it Balor ended up getting destroyed over and over and (really) over again by Kane. Just when it looks like all hope was lost for the leader of The Balor Club, Braun Strowman rushed down to the ring to make the save.

Strowman unleashed over a month’s worth of frustration on the older Monster and if you’re keeping score at home Kane beatup two men before he fell at the hands of a Monster Among Men.

So which of three men (or monster) does Kane feud with next?

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