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Roman Reigns wins IC open challenge, then gets jumped by Samoa Joe


Roman Reigns Intercontinental Championship open challenge is open for business. Reigns laid down the gauntlet to open Raw tonight (Nov. 27) and Elias was the first man from the locker to accept.

Not only was it Reigns first ever Intercontinental title defense, it was the first time Elias got a title match on the main roster.

Before the Reigns vs. Elias match-up kicked off the third hour of Raw, the rock star gave everyone an extended concert performance.

With the Miztourage ringside for moral support, Elias raced out to an early lead in the match. Hard lariat sent the champ to the mat where the challenger slowed down the paced and worked over a chin lock to accumulate damage. As Reigns mounted a brief comeback Curtis Axel provided a distracted and allowed Elias to hit a nasty knee for a long two count.

A top rope elbow drop and a sit-out powerbomb from Elias was still not enough to put away Reigns. Off another big knee attempt, Elias was caught looking and paid the price for it. The first spear of Roman Reigns landed on the challenger was all he needed to earn his victory in his first IC title defense.

Who will answer Reigns’ open challenge next week on Raw?

Update: Wait Samoa Joe is here and he wants to choke the life out of Roman Reigns.

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