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The line for Roman Reigns’ Intercontinental title open challenge is getting long

The way’s official preview for the Nov. 27 Raw reads, Roman Reigns’ Intercontinental title open challenge isn’t even an official thing yet...

But that hasn’t stopped the roster from responding to The Big Dog’s invitation to his yard. Finn Bálor already threatened to “step over” the new champ, while a man who’s had Roman’s number in the past answered the call at Sunday’s house show...

(Spoiler (not really) - Joe didn’t win)

The General Manager’s kid also sees a match with Reigns as the way to get back on track, which probably isn’t Jason Jordan’s best decision ever. But while it likely won’t lead to a win, facing Roman might be his best shot at hearing some cheers:

With more than two months between now and Royal Rumble, and even longer until the next Raw brand pay-per-view (PPV), it looks like the story of Reigns and his IC title will be a big focus of Monday nights for the next several weeks.

Like it? Who else should step to The Big Dog?

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