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Kurt Angle confirms he worked injured at Survivor Series

In a Q & A on his Facebook page yesterday (Nov. 24), Kurt Angle confirmed a report he was injured prior to participating in the main event of Survivor Series last Sunday. In answering a question which seemed to stem from how heavily his right leg was taped up in Houston, the Raw General Manager indicated it was a training injury as opposed to something which happened while wrestling on the recent tour of the UK, however.

“Leg is ok. I tore a muscle in it doing wind sprints 2 days before PPV. It's okay though. I feel good and should be 100% in a week.”

Not surprisingly for someone who was once promoted with the nickname “The Cyborg”, the 48 year old is already looking forward to future matches - including the one with Triple H that was teased by the ending of Survivor Series and the start of the Raw fallout episode:

“Yes. It felt like 2000 all over again. I'm looking forward to what's ahead!”

It’s great that Angle is getting to do what he loves again, but even as someone who still smiles uncontrollably every time I hear “Medal”, I just have to say... take it easy, okay, Kurt?

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