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Make-A-Wish kid totally no sells The Rock

This just goes to show that even when you’re one of the biggest stars in the world AND you dress up like the live action version of his favorite Disney character, you can still get left hanging by a five year old...

Today, I’m thankful that this awesome lil’ 5yr old boy, Ty was my special #MakeAWish guest on our #SkyscraperMovie set and I was completely dissed and ignored ❤️. Ty’s Wish was to meet the one, the only, demigod himself.. MAUI from Moana. So we plan this big trip and meeting. Ty and his beautiful little sister Tia come to set along with his lovely mom and aunty. Ty is SO EXCITED to FINALLY meet his hero, MAUI. He won’t stop talking, playing and singing his favorite Maui song, You’re Welcome. I put on the MAUI wig, strut in and start singing You’re Welcome. Well, as you see here I walk in, start the song and lil’ Ty takes two long looks at me and decides he’s gonna treat me like I’ve been stealing his lunch for the last 87 days with the Clint Eastwood glare that says, “If I were 20yrs older and five feet taller I’d get up outta this chair and knock that goofy wig off your head punk”. Best moment ever. Always happens like this, even though Ty remained in shock and didn’t say a word the whole time, the moment I walked away to go back to work, little Ty was SO EXCITED and would NOT STOP TALKING about how he met his best friend MAUI. I’m also pretty sure he even said how Maui was waaaaayyy better looking and talented in person. Hey if Ty’s happy, then Maui’s happy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone to you and your families. Enjoy your day! As always, for me stuff like this will always be the best part of fame. Icy high five disses and all. I need a better wig. DJ

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Dwayne Johnson claims that after he left the kid marked out, but I’m thinking that’s what Ty’s mom told him to make him feel better. WWE legends/movie stars have such fragile egos.

In all seriousness, The Rock is the best. This man is always willing to do the job to make kids smile, whether it’s his own Pikachu-loving daughter or a starstruck Moana fan.

We should probably just go ahead and elect him President.

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