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NBA teams channel Bullet Club and Brock Lesnar to talk smack


Pro wrestling 4 life. The reach of the sport of kings hit a Russell Westbrook crossover into the world of NBA in one brilliant, five minute span.

On social media two teams used pro wrestling references to dunk on their opponent and they nearly posted their respective squared circle hat tips at the exact same time.

First up the Miami Heat pulled off a huge upset last night when they ended the 16 game winning streak of the Boston Celtics with a 104-98 win.

Alright, this wasn’t exactly Brock Lesnar ending The Undertaker’s WrestleMania unbeaten streak but you have to respect the hustle of the Miami Heat social media team.

Next up the Phoenix Suns played the Milwaukee Bucks in a renewal of a classic NBA rivalry between two cities with no real geography connection.

Eastern vs. Western conference beefs aside, the story line here was the Suns just traded their best, and most disgruntled, star player Eric Bledsoe to the Bucks earlier in the month and this was the point guard’s first game against his former team.

With Bledsoe out of the picture, the Suns new star player is Devin Booker.

The NBA territory is just booking itself and this once again proves that pro wrestling is everywhere in life.

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