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Could more NXT call-ups be coming to SmackDown tonight?

The return of Paige has been expected for a while, but no one saw - or reported - she’d be bringing two NXT wrestlers with her. But that’s what happened on the Nov. 20 Raw. And the lack of rumors preceding the arrival of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, and the relatively small role both have played for the black-and-yellow brand, makes you wonder if WWE doesn’t have any other surprises in store for us before they leave Houston tonight (Nov. 21).

We already speculated on a possible tag team call-up, but there’s no reason Team Blue’s women’s ranks couldn’t expand as well. NXT is even more limited on time than SmackDown, and just got an infusion of new wrestlers from Mae Young Classic signings. Adding a couple more ladies to the main roster would also mean moving a step closer to making the first ever women’s Royal Rumble a possibility.

PWInsider says Ruby Riot and Liv Morgan were backstage for Raw on Monday... perhaps they stuck around another night? Riot (who was known as Heidi Lovelace on the indies) is involved in a program with Deville which will probably end with the match they filmed Saturday before TakeOver that will air tomorrow. Morgan is only 23, but she’s been in Developmental for three years. WWE could decide it’s now or never to see how she handles the next level.

There are plenty of other candidates, but no one else who’s been sighted in the Toyota Center recently. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are fan favorite heels who could succeed on the main roster without any tweaking of their gimmick. Shayna Baszler will need to be called up at some point to start the rumored Four Horsewomen feud for WrestleMania 34. Nikki Cross is ready, but she may have to wait for SAnitY to come up as a group.

Whether it’s male or female additions, the set-up is there. The commissioner bringing in reinforcements after the brand lost at Survivor Series, or the General Manager recruiting people after his boss’ teams couldn’t get the job done, provides an opening.

Or, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan could just keep rolling with what they’ve got.

But that’s no fun to speculate about, so guess and/or fantasy book away, Cagesiders!

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