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Give me Triple H cowering in fear forever

Ignore everything you know about Triple H to be true, that he's the guy who will come in and book himself to beat CM Punk at his hottest, that his history shows not just a willingness but an eagerness to do such a thing, and that because of that we probably shouldn't celebrate his over-selling of Braun Strowman's beatdown at Survivor Series -- no matter how entertaining it was -- but be leery of it, and just live for this GIF:

Yes, forever and ever and ever.

I love this for so many reasons, not least of which that it's Triple H, for all the reasons already mentioned. It's such an unbelievably strong performance, the teary eyes, the flare of his lip as he struggles for air, the shaking; that's not just fear, that is pants shitting terror.

That is Triple H cowering in fear and I am living for it.

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