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Triple H sold the hell out of Braun Strowman’s attack after Survivor Series

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While it doesn’t provide the fan catharsis that thinking Triple H inadvertently walked into a piece of the set after the end of Survivor Series was almost all about The Game, seeing multiple instances of his over-the-top selling of Braun Strowman’s beatdown once WWE’s cameras stopped rolling is still pretty darn fun.

This tweet starts with footage similar to the WWE released video of Stephanie McMahon checking on her husband, but pays off with a Flair flop:

He also fell over during his own signature pose:

And enjoy some alternate angle shots of his already infamous (which, of course, means more than famous) bump off the stage set which really shows him hamming it up:

This big goofball makes it so hard to stay mad at him.

But a 15 minute promo about what’s “best for business-ah” tonight ought to do the trick.