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Jinder Mahal will get his WWE title rematch against AJ Styles on SmackDown this week

Prior to the big champion vs. champion match between AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar tonight (Nov. 19) at Survivor Series, Tom Phillips casually mentioned that Jinder Mahal will be exercising his rematch clause for the WWE title next Tuesday on SmackDown.

It’s a smart play by Mahal, who lost the title to Styles two weeks back. Win or lose, after a match with Brock Lesnar, Styles is going to be weakened. Jinder will never have a better time to cash in his rematch.

Styles did lose, and was tossed around throughout much of it by the Beast. (More about that here.) So not only is Styles sufficiently softened up, but he doesn’t have any momentum either.

We’ll find out on Tuesday if Jinder’s plan plays dividends.

You can find all the results of Survivor Series here.

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